Amanda Oswald Denies Brett Favre Harassment

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Amanda Oswald, the mystery masseuse who Brett Favre hit on in 2008, says she won't be pursuing a case against the man. Simply put, he did nothing wrong.

Aside from propositioning a masseuse while married, that is.

Jenn Sterger may tell a different story, but Oswald says Favre deals with sext rejection well knows just when to back off when his audibles go awry.

At least one of Favre's "targeted receivers" isn't resentful.

Amanda Oswald was hired by the New York Jets to work on Brett for a day in 2008, after which he sent a text message soliciting her for a sexual encounter.

Oswald says unlike two other two Brett Favre accusers - both masseuses who worked on Jets players on the day she was contracted - she is letting it go.

She won't pursue a case because she doesn't feel Brett violated her.

Oswald explains that after Favre sent the text asking for a private session with "bad intentions," Oswald replied that she wasn't game for anything sexual.

She says Favre replied, "OK" ... and never pursued her further. No tawdry video requests, photos of his wang sent to her, nothing. What a class act.

"I do believe it was inappropriate ... I can't say I was harassed," she says.

Oswald has not worked for the Jets since the day of the text incident ... but she tells us she's not opposed to taking another gig with the team it asked.


I totally agree with the comment by pak31 and the massage therapist.


Okay, I like this girl. She's got it right. What he did was creepy but all he did was ask, she said no, end of story. You could be offended I guess but to persue that further by trying to claim sexual harrassment for monetary purposes is tacky and low. No one forced these women to do anything they didn't want to do.