Adrienne Maloof Preps for Season Two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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With all the talk over whether or not Camille Grammer will return for a second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, one small item is yet to be addressed: Bravo has not actually renewed this show for a second season.

Considering the ratings for last week's finale, however, it's a safe to assume that Camille, Kim, Kyle and company will return. Simply put, "we're preparing for season two," says Adrienne Maloof.

As for her experience on the series, Maloof spoke with E! News and shared views on her status, Camille's nuttiness and more.

On her role: I would hope that I would continue to be the voice of reason. I'm the type of person that - if it's not an issue that I think is worth fighting for, there's no reason to have a third person in there, because there's just so many other things that are more important.

On Camille's behavior: I think she's going through a lot and that puts her emotionally very touchy. I didn't really know her to be that way. Certainly it has to be difficult going through a divorce and having children and having it played on national television. I'm sure it can't be easy.

On Camille vs. Kyle: I think Camille is very passionate about what she believes in and Kyle is very passionate about what she believes in, and their personalities just don't jibe. That's OK; I think at the end of the day they should agree to disagree. I don't think they'll ever be BFFs. But who knows? Stranger things have happened.

On clashing with her husband: I have to say we have a great marriage - we just happen to be very straightforward, get it out, and then it's over with. It's lighthearted... and I'd rather get out what bothers me than hold it in.

Scott andersen

Camille is the best looking by far. K Grammer wanted a hot women as a super star, and he got one. He used her up and went to a new younger women because he can. Camille would not need TP anymore if she goes out with me.


adrienne is the only woman on the show who seem to have a heart and a head on her shoulder love ya girl someone i would love to have as a friend


Adrienne, I love your hair and I just ordered the hair tinsel you use. I love your show and watch it every time it is on and the reruns. You and your husband are great on the show. I have been married for 41 years, and it just gets better every year. You just have to be patient and communicate like you do and your marriage will last forever. Please write back to me. I hope you all come back next seson except Taylor and Camille. They just stir up trouble and then deny it. Good luck with everything in life and I would like to know when the next season will begin.


adrienne, I love your hair and I just ordered the hair tinsel you use. I think you are very classy and beautiful. I have been married for 41 years, so just hang in there and keep communicating. The first few years are the hardest, but you have to go through the ups and downs. We never argue anymore. I love him more now than ever. Hold your kids as close as you can, because my daughter who was 37 years old passed away last year unexpectally of heart failure. I thought I was going to die after she did. I didn't know how I could hurt so bad and not die, but I didn't. Just hold your boys close because you never know what could happen. Camille is not your friend. She thinks she is so much better than anybody else. Good luck on the next season of housewives. I don't miss a show or a rerun. I hope you can write back to me. Thanks alot.


Wow, Adrienne, I could really like you but you sure have no sense of timing with your husband or you are one of the meanest wives around... ie. no respect, cold, berating, there are no words to let you off the hook... he does not do that to you... watching the demoralization of this man is painful... you need to change and let him in.... i have not given up yet, but please don't let your children have weapons anymore... Paul deserve better by far..


I think you are snapy at your husband and he irritates you.
I wish i could see at least one time where you show some understanding toward him. His nose was broken and all you could do is complain to him how childish he is. He seems to earch for your appreciation.


Hey, Adrienne. If you were so "zen" as you claim to be, you woulddn't be frothing at the mouth to attack your husband every time he opens his mouth or MOVES!!! If you hate him so much, and he irritates you so much, let the poor guy go and find some bimbo who'll worship (or pretend to worship) him!!!


I meant evil troll KYLE and her band of over the hill mean girls abusing KIMMY. WE LOVE YOU KIM!!!!!!!!!!


Adrienne, treat your husband with more patience, kindness and respect or you'll be in Camille's shoes before you can say "facelift". And lay off the plastic look so wierd and plastic. I personally think you wanted more airtime when you got involved with evil troll Kyle andher band of over the hill mean girls abusing Kyle at the party, in the limo, etc. Focus on your own marriage,'s a mess.


Adrienne is my favorite this season.

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