Adam Lambert Responds to Teen Mom, Twitter Backlash

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Two simple sentences have landed Adam Lambert in a bit of trouble.

Yesterday, the singer - likely motivated by the recent struggles of Amber Portwood - Tweeted that Teen Mom is depressing to watch.

Today, he was took to the social network again in response to the reaction of some of his followers, many of whom apparently took issue with Lambert's stance. He wrote:

Teen Mom Twitter

Lambert was more than just snarky, however. He was also explanatory, adding:

"I'm not saying that all teen moms are white trash. Don't misunderstand. Yet, most of the ones on that show seem to be. I do, however, think they're are being exploited a bit."

They are being well-compensated, of course, as Amber made $280,000 from MTV last year. What do you think of Adam's statements?

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Adam is totally right & I love what he said. More people need to stand up & speak up against the trash that's on TV. I don't want my teen daughter watching that garbage & thinking it's how life is supposed to be. I absolutely LOVE when Adam has his twitter rants... I usually agree 100% with what he's saying, he has every right to state his opinions. People are ignorant to act like Adam can/can't do certain things just because he was on American Idol. I'm glad he's not afraid to be who he is & state his opinions. GOOD FOR YOU, ADAM! DON'T CHANGE!


Eminem had a song called "White Trash Party". Why didn't anyone criticize that?


Adam was right on the money here. I think the problem is that people are very sensitive to terms like "white trash." Different people take them different ways. However,the issue at hand is this horrific tv show. My sister is 15, and she has admitted that she and her friends have already discussed at length what the qualifications for getting on this show might be. I'd be willing to bet that the young girls inquiring about that are not already pregnant, but are trying to get there. Thank you, Adam Lambert, for saying what we were all thinking. This show will not prevent teen pregnancy. If anything, it will increase it.


Adam has a right to speak his mind just like anyone else. What he is saying is what most of us were thinking. I have caught a few minutes here and there of that show and it is so depressing. These young women acting all trashy and bringing babies into the world when they can't even manage their own lives. Of course not all teen mothers are white trash - but that show sure as heck is!!!


WAIT WHAT? 280K for THAT??? I wonder how many shows Lambert had to sweat his butt off for a paycheck like that during the >115 show tour?


He's totally right. And kudos for him. He asked why tv doesn't try and inspire teens to SHOOT HIGHER. He's someone who's been working professionally since age 10. He's a leader not a follower. Sad that in 2010, people don't have the guts to say that there's such a thing as VALUES, goals and morals.


Truth be said! Most of the reality shows feature a bunch of ill mannered argumentative non-productive people caught up in themselves. Although I have only caught a few scenes, the other night I did see one that was priceless. On "Beverly Hills Housewives" Camille gave Kyle a book that should find its way to the best seller list, HOW TO BEHAVE AND WHY.


Adam is right. Was he very diplomatic? No. But that's not Adam, he tends to speak his mind and I love him for that.


Adam's right.


I cant believe anyone in here is defending that tv show and slagging Adam Lambert off just because he had a go at the show for perpetuating the myth that teenage mothers are all "white trash". WTF is wrong with him saying that? I think it shows a surprising grasp of the issues and a genuine concern for teenage girls. He seems to be more intelligent and real than I gave him credit for. And yet people in here are saying he should keep his mouth shut. I beg to differ. Of couse he should speak up. I don't believe in silencing rational thought. Good on him for calling them out on it.

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