Adam Lambert Responds to Teen Mom, Twitter Backlash

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Two simple sentences have landed Adam Lambert in a bit of trouble.

Yesterday, the singer - likely motivated by the recent struggles of Amber Portwood - Tweeted that Teen Mom is depressing to watch.

Today, he was took to the social network again in response to the reaction of some of his followers, many of whom apparently took issue with Lambert's stance. He wrote:

Teen Mom Twitter

Lambert was more than just snarky, however. He was also explanatory, adding:

"I'm not saying that all teen moms are white trash. Don't misunderstand. Yet, most of the ones on that show seem to be. I do, however, think they're are being exploited a bit."

They are being well-compensated, of course, as Amber made $280,000 from MTV last year. What do you think of Adam's statements?

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Hell no. Don't messed with my boy. He is correct. It's a very depressing show and he has the right to his opinion. I adore Adam, I think he should go into politics. Great speaker. Please,I watch show and believe me it's depressing. I think the mothers of the Teen moms have even mention that they are sadden with the choice or mistake the daughters have done. Please!!! If I would of become and teen mom.., I would of been depress as well. I would of lost my youth,if I made the mistake to get pregnant. Please people!!!


I must agree with Adam on this one... it really IS depressing to watch.and couldn't we have tv shows that are glorifying something a little more...well...glorifyable?


Wouldn,t It be nice if someone produced a show where the teen are shown following there dreams like adam did. It may give kids a chance to see good things happen when you go after your dreams And have a positive attitude


At thhe end of the day, only thing left is THEY GAT PAID FOR GETTING/BEING A PREGNANT TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!! NOT GOOD. 'nuf said.


I think the term "white trash" refers to behavior not race and Adam Lambert is 100% correct. That show is just trashy, depressing, and not doing a thing to help kids aim higher - which you forget was Adam's point. Keep saying it like it is Adam!!


No one knows what this conversation really was about. The person he was talking to had white trash in her screen name. You don't know the whole conversation, because some comments are protected, and aren't included. I am totally tired of America going off the deep end over a celebrity comment and taking it too seriously to the point where there is vengeance. That's a sin. Don't pick and choose in the Bible. God said it not me. EG. The Dixie Chicks and Charlotte Church. Don't expect celebrities or anyone else that think differently than you to tow your line. You have to have respect for each other's opinion. Adam respects others' opinion. He's not out for blood. "Well I don't like that he doesn't agree with me, so I'm not a fan anymore." This is ludicrous. Besides, teen pregnancies shouldn't even be on TV, because it is exploited. If you can't take birth control pills, then don't have sex. Case closed.


Adam says what he thinks, regardless of what the buzz might be afterward, and that takes futspa, which we all know he has. Even though I have not watched this particular show and don't intend to, he is most likely right..the show exploits these teens, and worst of all exploits their innocent children who did not ask to be born to individuals who are probably too immature to take on the awsome responsibility of parenting, and I wonder where the teens parents are... even if paid well for their appearance on the show, the price for some compensation is just too high. Regardless, I remain an advid Adam Lambert fan, he remains the most marvelously talented musical artist in the industry today-just my opinion.


@Jen:We love him for his unapologetic attitude. You don't get it do you? Adam is no pushover. He says what he think. He is not trying to suck up to people.
Love you Adam.


You glamberts got to stop supporting everything Adam does or say. He is NOT a God. You think Adam care about you fans. Guess what? he DOESN"T with his "f**k you" attitude. I used to be a fan until I found out he is a self-centered cherry homo looking for some controversy. If you disagree with HIS opinion, he gives you the middle finger even if your a glambert. Adam, go do something productive and stop talking BS!


I love Adam and I'm so glad that he speaks his mind. There is absoloutley nothing wrong with him saying that he doesn't like the show. I mean, let's face it. The show sucks. Those women don't know all the much about parenting. It's sad that they are being so exploited by the tabloids, the show itself, etc. Since when is having a valid opinion bad? Am I right? All I have to say is this: Thank God for Adam Lambert and those who speak their minds.

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