Adam Lambert Responds to Teen Mom, Twitter Backlash

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Two simple sentences have landed Adam Lambert in a bit of trouble.

Yesterday, the singer - likely motivated by the recent struggles of Amber Portwood - Tweeted that Teen Mom is depressing to watch.

Today, he was took to the social network again in response to the reaction of some of his followers, many of whom apparently took issue with Lambert's stance. He wrote:

Teen Mom Twitter

Lambert was more than just snarky, however. He was also explanatory, adding:

"I'm not saying that all teen moms are white trash. Don't misunderstand. Yet, most of the ones on that show seem to be. I do, however, think they're are being exploited a bit."

They are being well-compensated, of course, as Amber made $280,000 from MTV last year. What do you think of Adam's statements?

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adam is right to many teen mums it is not a game to have a child to can be a mistake yes but we need to make the teens understand you dont have a youth. you have to grow up to are still a child.yourselve i understand where adam is coming from when he says to many teen mums. we need to learn them more. make them understand what it means to have a child themselves.and what it takes to care for that child till it is grown.please make our kids understand more. and to take more care not to get pregnant.


He's right! MTV is also depressing. Parents shouldn't let their children watch that trashy network.


This is the guy who simulated a blowjob on stage and is now giving an opinion on a reality show?! Yeah, he should go into politics! A perfect hypocrite!!




I agree with adam lambert


Me & crazy teen mom share the same name lol but talking bout the show an't worth my timw watching it is but is like not right because think bout yo kid or kids before u think before u & think bout what its gonna do in yo life too enfect them .. !


wow its funny that dead beat dads that allow their children to grow up with girls who obviously cant even take care of themselves run out on their child to pursue their dreams? what about thier kids dreams? that child did ask to come into the world in the hands of pieces of shit who care about themselves and not thier kids! ur all soo stupid


Adam Lambert is a tool bag..... shouldn't he be emoting in a corner somewhere and touching up his eyeliner...


As an 18 year old myself, I don't think the show glorifies teen pregnancy. It shows how hard it is to be a teen mom and if anything makes girls want to have babies EVEN LESS! There's a study out there showing that ever since this program started there has actually been a drop in the rate of teen pregnancies. Give teens some credit. Most of us aren't stupid enough to see a show like that and think: I wanna be a teen parent! Teen pregnancy shouldn't be glamorized and it shouldn't be stigmatized either. But Adam Lambert has every right to express his opinion. It's funny how celebrities get so much flak for saying the same thing that everyone else is already thinking. Both Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera are two of many examples of this.


Any show GLORIFYING babies having babies SHOULD be called out for the TRASHY show that it is. MTV has sunk so low in their programming that it isn't even recognizable anymore. I AGREE with ADAM on this one and I'll even go you one better ... I think it should be cancelled before it gets even more teenage kids in even more TROUBLE!!!

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