Adam Lambert on Teen Mom: So Depressing!

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Guess we know on which side Adam Lambert stands when it comes to our THG debate on Teen Mom...

With the MTV show making a number of headlines these days - from airing a controversial abortion special to Amber Portwood going to jail... and pretty much sucking as a human being - the singer has chimed in on the series with the following Tweet:

This Teen Mom show on MTV is so depressing. I know it's "real life" but shouldn't there be programming that inspires kids to shoot higher? #glorifyingwhitetrash

A Lambert Look
Amber Pregnant Again?

Adam Lambert won't be watching Teen Mom. Can you blame him?


That show is soooo depressing. They have these girls acting so trashy and disgusting and bringing children into that world. I really wonder what is wrong with MTV - Adam you called it right! It is pure exploitation and promoting trashy behavior and really uninspiring - just downright sad.


Oh please, Adam loves to talk about everyone else. Look at you, you freak!


When someone makes a comment towards ones own (colour/gender/class etc)that person means business ..serious business. Better coming hard and fast from the horses mouth than the opposite dont ya think!!! So whats up for gossip ..ohh I know the half-nots or should they be referred to miscontrued Drop Outs get serious ppl..


Adam is totally right.. that show is trash. So depressing. Why would someone find that entertaining.. Thank God Adam is not afraid to speak his mind.. I think Adam should run for President. Really I do :)


Yeah, I agree with him, but based on his pic, I'm not sure I want my kids to aspire to that either.


I agree with him. I mean it is sad how the girls waste their teenage years by taking care of their baby when they were supposed to take care of THEMSELVES. They are just wasting their lives.. Sad how 1 out of 3 teenagers get pregnant in America. They just make us look bad as teenagers :(


The man knows what he's talking about. The show is ridiculous, and I can't understand why anyone finds it amusing to watch...


What is this show? I must be fortunate to have never run across it (or if I did, never watched it for more time than it took to channel surf by), but it is truly shocking that anyone with a brain would want to watch this exploitive crap! Just another reason to love Lambert...




I agree with everyone else. As a parent of a young teen it amazes me that this is what we are subjected to. I know you can change the channel and/or prohibit your kids from watching but the big question is why? Why in today's world where kids are exposed to so much more than they used to be, do t.v. execs even consider putting something like this on the air? I know, it's money but so many adults are always trying to figure out why kids are the way they are yet instead of helping the situation the media just keeps shoving this in our faces. That is messed up.

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