Adam Lambert on Teen Mom: So Depressing!

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Guess we know on which side Adam Lambert stands when it comes to our THG debate on Teen Mom...

With the MTV show making a number of headlines these days - from airing a controversial abortion special to Amber Portwood going to jail... and pretty much sucking as a human being - the singer has chimed in on the series with the following Tweet:

This Teen Mom show on MTV is so depressing. I know it's "real life" but shouldn't there be programming that inspires kids to shoot higher? #glorifyingwhitetrash

A Lambert Look
Amber Pregnant Again?

Adam Lambert won't be watching Teen Mom. Can you blame him?


Of course Adams right, those reality shows just show the scrapings of the barrel so that the majority can feel superior that there is someone lower than them.
I isn't just MTV though, a programme just came on BBC3, Sun Sea and Suspicious parents, where parents spy on their adult children on holiday, it just shouldn't happen, trash programming.


ADAM is RIGHT to speak out against a show that can/will influence so many young minds that watch it. ALL parents should BOYCOTT MTV until the programming is cleaned up. I don't watch MTV ... don't like anything they televise except maybe SOME of their videos .. which are few & far between. I say ... FIRE everybody in programming & start with a clean slate!! Contact the sponsors & tell them their products are in danger of being BOYCOTTED too!!




Adam is 100% dead on target. The show is garbage and the girls on it ARE disgusting white trash.
Go Adam Go! You are as intelligent as you are talented and
beautiful. Those of us with brains agree wholeheartedly with your take on this ridiculous show.


Most reality shows are a waste. Don't need to see what other people do in their kitchens,with their kids, or fighting with their partners. Lets have some real entertainment for a change.


Adam I agree with you 100%. But the bad thing is my sister watches it.


ADAM is 100% right. Pure "white trash" on TV. I stumbled upon the show when a girl was beating up her childs father. I couldn't believe that those filming the scene didn't intervene and stop the fight!!! Jersey Shore is just as bad!!

Svetlana gibbs

You 100% right Adam! I don't like this show too!


Lisa - That's a stage pic - and yes, he is theatrical on stage. Off stage, he's exactly the kind of person I would love my children to aspire to. Honest, open, respectful, but with a mind of his own and the willingness to stand by his opinions - in short, he has integrity - something to aspire to. If you judge a book by its cover, you may be missing out on a wonderful story. Peace.


I sooooo agree with Adam, thi show is brutal. When I saw that teen Mom physically abusing her boyfriend I was appalled and heart sick, for the guy. 10 years from now she's going to regret what she did and what she had maybe. This show is sick along with the tots in tiara's, whih is child abuse, why are they promoting that, the parents should be charged with child abuse for robbing their children of their childhood.

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