Adam Dell Takes Padma Lakshmi to Court

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Halle Berry is not the only beauty in a custody battle with an ex.

Adam Dell, the ex-boyfriend of Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi and the father of 11-month old Krishna, has filed documents in a Manhattan court that seek to make the former couple's custody agreement official.

Padma Lakshmi Photograph

Dell and Lakshmi had arranged a legal system-free deal that allowed the former to visit his daughter nine days per month, but that contract will be nullified when she turns a year old on February 20.

With the relationship between the two having turned sour - partly, TMZ reports, over Dell's hatred of his child's name - the pair will now go to court to decide parental guidelines.

Friends of the model/author says she feels "bullied" by her ex and fears this is Dell's way of forcing her into a relationship with him.

UPDATE: In a statement, the star's rep says: "Ms. Lakshmi believes that family matters should be kept private. She asks that those who join her in wanting the best for her daughter do the same."


For a woman of colour who have a bady w/white man. She's lucky that he wants a relationship w/the kid because most of them runs away and don't want to be bother. If the kid had Padama colour, I wonder if he would be so intersted. Also the kid name reflects her heritage.


I must admit I don't like the name either but more I do not like her attitude.She is dammed lucky he wants to be involved in his daughters life.He has every right to be and the way Padma talks you would think that he his not behaving as he should.Perhaps a rapper would have suited her better....once pregnant,you would need the FBI and CIA combined to find him! She is only famous for going out with rich or famous men.Thats a celebrity in itself.Then they get to call themselves models or TV hosts or chefs. She should grow up.

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