Witnesses Describe Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as "A Couple in Love"

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did not just get married.

But they did just get outed as a couple once again, as multiple sources relayed stories this week about the pair not shying away from public displays of affection while filming Breaking Dawn in Louisiana.

Openly Romantic

When Robsten smiles, the world smiles with them. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Regarding a cast dinner at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, an onlooker told People:

"There was a lot of hand-holding, sitting next to each other. Everyone was talking around the room, but Kristen and Rob were just talking to each other, not really into the conversations everyone else was having."

At a karaoke bar named Cadillac Café, meanwhile, witnesses said Rob and Kristen "weren't slobbering all over each other," but:

"They sure looked like a couple and were talking with each other like a couple. They [seem like] a couple in love."

And they aren't the only ones! With the Twilight Saga cast shooting in Baton Rouge, Joe Jonas has been spotted all around the area with Ashley Greene.

An employee at Fred's Bar, for example said these two have shown up "a couple of times" to listen to bands: "They were definitely together, holding hands," the source says. "A few people recognized them, they were pretty cool."


wooooow So In Love


They are acting like taking drugs!!!!!!!


Why do we all continue to buy into this FAKE coupling? Can we just let these people lead a normal gay and lesbian lifestyle. Why are we forcing them to be straight? Is it suppose to make us feeling better about life if we pretend that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a straight couple. I don't get it. Talk about denial.


i dont know how i have to do . i feel like she lie to me and dont want to let me know something about her . when i ask where is she now , with who , doing what . later she will get angry and say i control her . seriously i not understand..


A couply coupling couple!! Sooo cute!!


here comes the PR(jealous to death) people! Let's just be happy for them, please! Don't tell me that you're still hoping and waiting for Pattinson to show in your front porch?!


WOW, some of have some serious jealousy issues..... good thing the world does not revolve around you.


Tbh does it matter if Robsten are for real surely its up to them jeez leave them to it!


No, "robsten" is fake, Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas are a REAL couple.


they are posing for the press all the time, they are a fake

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