Why Camille Grammer Wants $50 Million

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This just in: Kelsey and Camille Grammer won't be getting back together.

With the actor engaged to Kayte Walsh and the Real Housewife having lost so much respect for her ex, why haven't these two officially filed for divorce yet? Two words: money and revenge.

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The New York Post reports that Kelsey offered Camille about one-third of his fortune last week. But the latter didn't accept $30 million as a settlement because the amount did not include alimony or child support.

Oh, and because she wants to make her soon-to-be-ex suffer for his recent behavior.

According to California law, Camille is entitled to half of what Kelsey earned during the pair's marriage. This amounts to approximately $50 million. She's intent on collecting every penny, a friend says, because:

"She has accepted their marriage is over and that he wants to marry Kayte in January.. but what she can't accept is how he's parading around Kayte, who looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. Their public make-out sessions are really insensitive because of their kids."

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Camille is obviously jealous of kyle, i guess it is true what they say, money can't buy you happiness.


how could u guys leave out "the prostitution whore" from the poll? tsk tsk!


If you ever saw Camille Grammer on the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, you will wonder why Kelsey didn't leave her a long time ago. She is extremly delusional, concited and needs to be put out on the street without a dime. She doesn't even seem to give a crap about her kids and never takes the responsiblity for the trouble she makes. She is a gold digging fruitcake!


The law say that if the was no prenup then they split everything. So it only fair she get half, which is $50 million. If he doesnt want to give her that much then he should have made up a prenup. Thats something he should think about before he marrys again in January, considering his bride to be is young enough to be his daughter. But for the kid's sake I hope they can settle things peacefully.


What the hell are "stangers"? Too funny! Not surprised you like Camille. Are you one of her paid "friends". Because on the show her psychic crazy said that they couldn't spell "friend". Well...maybe spelling is an issue for all of Camille's "fiends"...oooooops...I mean "friends"!


This is just my opinion, but Camille really needs to shut up. I mean, you are getting so much out of this divorce. 50 million dollars, child support, and 4 nannies?!


Well...when you put your craziness out there for the world to see, expect opinions! We all have them, and are certainly entitled to them!


I like Camille. I like Kelsey Grammer even more. Facts are that Camille is entitled to whatever she gets her hands on. It doesn't matter what her or his behaviors have been in the relationship. They both want to move on and separate their finances legally. Anyone elses opinions on their life is none of my business. Though it is fun reading about it and seeing how petty stangers can opine.


Nick...take the advice of what I'm sure is every woman in America...RUN LIKE HELL!


It is so obvious that you too are having an affair, just trying desperately to keep it off the air, which bits and pieces keep sneeking through!! You too Camille are about to destroy someone elses marriage, It is soooooo obvious watching the two of you, it's disgusting!!!!! You and your "friend" can barely keep your hands off of each other, maybe Kelsey knew this all along and is just sparing you the embarressment!!