Wesley Snipes Reports to Prison

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From Passenger 57 to Inmate Number 43355-018...

Despite numerous attempts to overturn his conviction, including a last-minute plea on Larry King Live this week, Wesley Snipes is officially a ward of the state. He checked into McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania today.

Federal Bureau of Prison spokesman Edmond Ross said the processing of the actor - who has been sentenced to three years for failure to file taxes - went off "without incident."

As for the institution itself?

Larry Levine, a former 10-year federal inmate and founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants, said Snipes is residing in a place known as "Club Fed."

"McKean the Dream, that's what we call it," he told ABC News. "It's a nice place, but it's definitely not like checking into a hotel."


While we're on the subject, Blade III SUCKED.


He is going to prison because he is a Black man in America and some one want him to know that he is Black!


For real Tabitha! I'm sick of celebrities thinking they can get away with anything they want just because they're famous. I think it's great when they get the hammer brought down on them. :)


Me either Hotmama86...when we regular folks fail to pay taxes we have to pay for it, why should the rich, famous, and wanna be good actors be able to get off... next pay ur taxes..hell it's not like you can't afford it.


Ha ha! I don't feel sorry for rich people who fail to pay taxes.


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