Vanessa Hudgens on Zac Efron, 2010: All Good!

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She may be single for the first time in years, but that isn't stopping Vanessa Hudgens from smiling.

At her 22nd birthday party in Las Vegas, the actress was asked about her split from Zac Efron and replied simply: "We're good."


She had reason to be last night, celebrating the occasion at Pure Nightclub with a group that included Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Snow. Onlookers say Hudgens dancing on a couch at the VIP area inside the club, having a blast.

As for the year as a whole, Hudgens told People:

"I worked a lot in 2009. I did two movies back to back, so this year I just hung out, took it easy, did a play which was a lot of fun, did a movie and now the year is coming to an end before I know it."

For more on Vanessa's next project, check out the official Sucker Punch trailer now.


Ok so Vannessa and zac look so good together but really why would they want to go out for five years then give all that up and break up it doesn't seem like there's s big reason for it and when she says it's all good that could mean anything really I just hope they will stay together... Forget Ashley... Vannessas better


i love you do you love me


really?????? "all good"??? that is her big line???
she broke up with the one of the most beautiful man
in the world and she said only that....


♥♥im ur avid fan here in d phil.
hope u'll be fine and have a successful career...........
love u and enjoy ur lyf even though u and zac have no longer anymore..........
im here 2 support all d time........♥♥♥


does 'were good' mean they're together or they're friends.. ??


god i am hope they are still together.she sould be home now. i hope we see them together.i pray evernight that they are together.wish zac would stop listen to people who tell he will get a head if he brink it off with vanessa.they been together for 5yr.are they read to gave all that fight for each. and listen to each other.she been there for him.she keep him on the ground.he not going to there for when her movies come out. still there wrong here.


They are misquoting someone asked her how her and Zac were doing she said "we're good" that could mean they are still together they did not and never did ask her if she was split from Zac which if I was a reporter I would have.


Oh please. 'We're good'? That's nearly as common a lie as 'I'm fine.'


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