Tucker Carlson on Michael Vick: Execute Him!

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Many football fans, including President Barack Obama, are happy about Michael Vick getting a second chance from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson is not one of those people.

We know it's a 24-hour news world, and Fox anchors are mandated to embrace the opposite view of anything Obama says, but listen to this:

“I’m a Christian, I’ve made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances,” Carlson said. “But Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a cruel, heartless way. Personally, I think he should’ve been executed for that."

"He wasn't, but the idea that the President of the United States is getting behind someone who murdered dogs? Kind of beyond the pale."

So ... the Christian thing to do is execute Michael Vick?

What if he can truly be rehabilitated and people can learn from his example? Michael Vick loves animals now. What more do you want?

For its part, the White House reiterated that Obama condemns his crimes (running a dogfighting ring) but believes convicts should get a chance to contribute to society when they are released from prison (Vick served nearly two years).

Tell us, was Michael Vick's sentence fair?


I feel sorry for MR. TUCKER CARLSON,I hope that God give him a SECOND chance, and I hope that his career is not ruin by his own convictions, and most of America knows that Mr. VICK went to trial and were locked up under man's law. But Mr. Carlson don't like the President, ''but Mr. Carlson probably did not vote ,but like to sell wolf tickets.


Michael Vick killed dogs with his bare hands....tortured them and watched them die fighting. He deserves NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is as Ghetto as they come in the National Felony League


What Carlson said was stupid. But killing animals and watching them burn to death or by electrocution is evil. Just because someone plays great football doesn't make him a good man. Vick may be humble now because he got caught but how can person do such vile things to pitbulls or anybody like he did and be trusted? It just doesn't matter how much time he spent in prison. The questions asked in the poll were as inane as Tucker Carlson.


The way they killed dogs, besides the dog fighting itself, was by electrocution in case some of you didn't realize it. Cruelty in the extreme.


Tucker Carlson isn't the deciding factor on who should live or die. It's wrong for Vick to do what he did but it's okay for Carlson to evily wish for the man's execution? That is the pot calling the kettle black imo.


If certain people don't want to forgive Michael Vick for killing dogs and say he should never have one as a pet, does this mean they also believe all those girls who have had abortions shouldn't be allowed to have a child later on? Should they be executed too Tucker?


@randyjacksonsbutt summed it up well. the punishment fit the crime. what he did was wrong but he also didn't get off with just slap in the wrist (at least I wouldn't call two years in prison and tens of millions in lost earnings a light sentence). he served his time. you don't have to like him and it doesn't make what he did okay, but carlson should apologize for suggesting something so awful.


Absolutely as inane and loaded a poll as I have seen. According to your idiotic choices - Either one believes he is rehabilitated (Go Eagles!!???) or punished TOO harshly OR one "believes" he should be executed (!). I voted the latter not because I literally believe he should be executed - but because a statement against a win-at-all-costs Bandwagon mentality must be made and it is closer to what I believe than the aforementioned first two choices....Do you have a thirteen year pollster?


Okay so Tucker things Michael Vick should be executed for what he did, but he supports Sarah Palin, a woman who practically kills animals for a living. What a hypocrite.


This carlson guy is an idiot. He shouldn't have a job or an on air opinion with comments like that. Carlson should do max time for a speeding ticket then get fired for putting other peoples lives on the line, cause that is breaking the law. Oh yeah never forgive him and ask him if that was fair. FOX WILL BE BLOCKED FROM MY TV AS LONG AS THIS GUY HAS A JOB THERE. I know people who hunt, and when their dogs don't perform well, they kill em. That's cruel but I don't see non of them going to jail. I see people every summer shooting poisoning and drowning squirrels simply for coming in their yards. Should they be executed too? Maybe they should also do 2 yrs in prison for cruelty to animals. This system picks and chooses who they want to punish. Its a broken system, Its set up to work when they want it too.

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