Todd Palin to Go Dancing With the Stars?!

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Bristol Palin brought unprecedented buzz and ratings to Dancing with the Stars. So much so that the producers are dying to go back to that well once again.

This time they want Bristol's dad, Todd, who reportedly turned it down this season before Bristol joined. "They want him big time," a source told E! News.

Bye Bye Mike

This amid reports that Sarah forced her daughter to do the show. "They'd love Sarah herself, but that will never happen, so why not dad," the source said.

DANCING DUDE? Will Todd Palin follow in Bristol's footsteps?

The show is also after someone else connected with the 2008 GOP ticket: Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator and two-time presidential hopeful John.

If producers have their way, the family members of the McCain/Palin ticket would be competing against each another ... kind of like two years ago in a way.

Jennifer Grey was named the champion of Dancing with the Stars this season, but Bristol Palin and her surprise run to the finals got the most attention.

Will her snow machine racin' dad follow her (two-left-footed) lead?


NO NO NO! Another Palin???? What has DWTS turned into the promotion arm of the tea party? NO MORE PALINS! Enough already! What a horrible, horrible idea!


Just when my acid reflux was getting under control again, this shit happens. Damn it DWTS!!!


I read this an got sick. If this is true I would never watch the show. It is just another example of what this world is comming to. They all love the spot light and as for my self it turns me off.


Todd Palin doesn't really have enough celeb status like Bristol. He's not a semi-cute teenage girl with spunk who had a baby out of wedlock and promotes celibacy to teens with overactive libidos. Todd Palin is just "Mr. Sarah Palin". The younger crowd isn't going to be that interested in watching him. It's like watching your parents dance at the prom. Nobody wants to see that. Todd Palin might attract boomers and senior citizens, but probably just for the first show. I smell a lemon here. Don't do it DWTS. Quit while you're ahead on this one. Trust me don't do this now. Wait a while, at least until the Palin reality show gets some air time. Let him build up some star power. Right now he's almost nobody--Mr. Sarah Palin.

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