THG Caption Contest: Worst Camping Trip Ever!

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Welcome to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

Kate Gosselin. Sarah Palin. It's hard to imagine a worse time camping (we hear there was zero chemistry), or more material for your captions. So go to it!

All you have to do is think of a caption for the photo and fire off a comment below. Leave one. Leave 20. It's up to you. We'll announce a winner Monday!

Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin
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kid:we have two mommies! kid:which ones the lipstick and which ones the butch?


Hummm... Self-sufficient momma bear vs. Entitlement momma bear.


Another day another headache...


Sarah: It's very nice to meet you all.... a family of mavericks!


Yeah, I'm that lady that shot Bambie's Uncle!


I can't believe that Sarah would take Kate camping.You should take a family that can't afford to take vacations.Her and her kids have been to a lot of places and her show is old now I really don't think too many people care about them anymore. Kate is more for herself and her owing and eeking on the show is terrible.
I would rather watch octo mom than Kate and she had 8 kids at one time and 6 more at home.That is a family that needs help.
Sarah I love your family because you are a real Mom and you have real problems like the normal family has and you don't try to hide it. Good luck Sarah in all you do.


Sarah: hey kids would you like a mooseburger?
Kids: no thanks we packed some leftovers from thanksgiving


kate: just shake her damn hand, she's going to help us with our Christmas special. Sarah: Is she of baby sitting age yet? This grandma thing isn't working out so great. Hey honey, how would you like to help your mommy make some more money?


Which one is going to vote for me in 2012?


Sarah: Hi nice to meet you, *hmm, i could train this child to be my next PA and then who knows she might turn republican*
Kid: Ow you're hurting me, let go of my hand