THG Caption Contest Winner: December 3

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In this past weekend's edition of THG's Caption Contest, we asked readers to come up with the best one for this photo of Justin Bieber blowing.

There was plenty of material to be found, no matter how you feel about the singer. Our winner is VintageDoll88. Congratulations and well done!

Honorable mentions go out to jeanne, d-bo419 and Ryan Montana. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck in the next THG Caption Contest ...

Blow Dryer

Justin Bieber gives off sign #5 that he was really born a girl.

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Superior thinking denmostrated above. Thanks!


Justin! Do my hair!!


Ok now...settle down. If anyone should be upset... it should be me!!! Just kidding. I did a little research and it appears that JB's true gender has been a topic for some time now on the internet. I am pretty sure that was the caption winner's angle for the comment and not JB hate. In fact, none of the winner's or honorable mention comments were 'hater' related. THG did a good job to prevent that from happening in selecting.


you look cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agree LAME!!


SUCH a lame caption, and I'm not even a JB fan.


I agree with you Clvia. Finally someone besides me stands up for him.


Cum on guys jb wasnta born lyk gal, thats just how he knows how to do his hair best inoder 4 him to luk good. Just lyk some guys do manicure or pedicure do we say they r born lyk guys, no, they do it to luk good so leave jb do wat he does inoder 4 him to look gud. So yall who hate him stop ruining his name inoder to luk cool and keep ur comments 2 urselves. Luv u jb and God bless