THG Asks: Should Lindsay Lohan Appear on Dancing With the Stars?

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Today, THG Asks: Should Lindsay Lohan Appear on Dancing With the Stars?

YES by Free Britney

Dancing With the Stars has resurrected careers for years. With Lindsay Lohan, they'd not only have a buzz-worthy star, but a lock for the redemption angle.

When I heard DWTS was courting LiLo, I was skeptical. Is she ready for the spotlight so soon, I wondered. But what better start to her post-rehab life?

This is a girl once known for family-friendly projects. Now that she's really turning a corner in her troubled life, she can endear herself to 20 million people.

Whether it's fans' first look at Lohan 2.0, or a welcome comeback by the adorable Parent Trap star, she can actually dance, giving her a leg up on Bristol!

The Dance

NO by Hilton Hater

Lindsay Lohan should not go Dancing with the Stars for one reason: she'd win in a landslide. Seriously, check out "Jingle Bell Rock" choreography in Mean Girls.

But even more seriously: DWTS is viewed by over 20 million people a week. While the resumes of its "Stars" may often be thin, at least these contestants are known for SOMEthing in their professional field. (Okay, except Bristol Palin.)

Sadly, Lindsay isn't known as anything but a train wreck at this point. The acting boat sailed about two drug arrests ago. How would ABC even describe her? Lindsay Lohan, Professional Rehabber? Not an example such a popular show should set.

THG Asks you ... should Lindsay go on DWTS? Who made the winning case?


Are you for real? She'll be caught shooting it up in the bathroom before eliminations within a week.
She's not ready for the spotlight, and I don't think she ever will be with the way she handles her life. She doesn't seem like she can live the famous life by her "methods" of dealing with pressure. They'd be gambling it with a junkie.


I think being on dancing with the stars could be a much needed turning point for Lindsay and help her get her life together.


This stupid little idiot is a washed up child star with not enough brains to make it in this business. She can thank her idiot fame-hungry mother.


Poor Lindsay Lohan...I don't know if she can get on Dancing with the Stars . . . no coordination. What she should try out for is that game show on NBC. "Minute to Win It" That show is awesome! And I think she definitely use some of the money. I'm just gonna watch on Tuesday December 7 at 8/7c on NBC and pray she made it on and can change her life on. Let's Go Lindsay...


Even one year from now, Lindsay will not be ready to put herself in the position of dancing or being judged on DWTS.

Free britney

I should have used that SCRAM bit to bolster my case!


@ THG You both make valid arguments. So... I just can't vote on them alone. However, I do think it would be funny as hell for DWTS fans to watch Lilo try to show off her moves wearing a 'SCRAM' !!!


I say yes, but not right now! She needs to get more treatment before she gets in to anything but when she's more confident with herself dwts could be a great way to go & if she wins it would show her that ppl still support her. I use to love her til all this drug & alcohol nonsense caused by her terrible parents. My husband knows her as 'the cute little girl from parent trap' so I hope she goes back to being happy & healthy looking.


Lindsay is way too big a talent to be on the punk show


i say no she wants to party thats it

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