THG Asks: Does Miley Cyrus Deserve Criticism Over the Bong Video?

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    THG: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Miley has the right to explore and experience most anything as any other free person on this planet.
    Boy...If only we could view everyone elses lives through the media microscope. Every last one would fold like an envelope...So much easier to point fingers at others---isn't it? I guess that way you don't feel quite so bad about the things that YOU do,huh?
    Let the Supergirl live a little. She's earned it. She works hard,she's a young adult,she likes to party a little bit---who didn't at her age? What's so wrong with that??
    So, NO---I do not think that Miley deserves any criticism for this. She's just trying new things...
    Later all; Hollywood---out...


    I agree with HiltonHater and LittleMissSunshine... Just wait for it yall next thing u know she will come up with a stupid excuse and head straight to REHAB....more publicity i aint buying any magazine with her name on it..


    I fully agree with hiltonhater Miley should have known better kids look up to her...Face it people this is the REAL MILEY CYRUS we just did not see this side of lil sister is getting a new disney rolemodel..What is she teaching the kids? that its Ok to experiment with DRUGS when they are teens is that what yall are saying?? ..I m not hating on Miley but she sank pretty low her self respect as well..Just For publicity i believe thats exactly what she wanted!!Eeew


    I think if Miley would just address it and admit that what she did was wrong and everything, I wouldn't care at all. Seems like she isn't going to do that though...
    In the video she says "I need to do more of this stuff," or something like that. Sounds like she wants to do more of it to me!
    Yeah, it isn't the worst drug in the world, it isn't illegal, but it's still a drug! Miley was acting like this super-innocent disney chick that kids could look up to. Now we all know she's just a fake.
    Though it was pretty funny to watch hehehe :)


    Miley Cyrus made a bad choice and she does deserve SOME criticism for it, but people shouldn't stay on her for ti for the rest of her life.


    This girl is headed for a Whitney Housten future except Whitney was talented. I don't consider pot to be a big deal but Miley is a celeb and the young celebs party hard. If she's at celeb parties, then she is around cocaine, heroine, crack, crank, LSD, meth, shrooms, etc. Pot and alcohol are just the appetizers. This girl seems like she has no limits and possibly an addictive personality. It won't be long before we see her strung out on something. She's already starting to look kind of crackulated.


    I see both sides. But I'm gonna say Hilton Hater, becaue I do believe the stuff MC has done lately is for attention, especially that dress she wore with no bra that revealed side boob. SHe knew what she was doing.

    I don't care that she smoked a bong. Whatever. I just care that she said "It’s not something I’m afraid to say because I think I’m going to sound hypocritical at some point but drugs are for idiots and I'm never going to be that person."

    and then she turned around and let her friend film her smoking a bong.


    i just wanted to say that people only look at her as a famous girl and not as a normal girl that is growing up, haves problems like everybody else and wants to experiment! please people dont tell me that u guys have NEVER done anything bad in ur life..! yes its not a good thing to do bong but if she wants well let her, is her life!! bsides paparatzy and the diverce have been making her crazy.. she needed something to get it out of her sistem, maybe is not the best way but hey! we've all done things that we r not proud off..! i still LOVE miley cyrus! shes an excellent singer and actress and i dont know her in person but my guess shes a pretty good person!


    I totally agree with Free Britney, oh my gosh , Free Britney is amazing(:
    Hilton Hater might have most vote, but it's defintly NOT true that she deserves critcsm, she's going through something really hard, and just leave her alone!
    How would you guys react if everything was going down, and your parent's were fighting, and hater's are getting on your nerves (just like Hilton Hater) give her a damn break!
    Miley & Free Britney all the way :)


    all the freaking haters just leave miley alone!! she needs some space...will u only be happy after she breakdown. shes just a teenager trying new stuff she wasnt able to try b4 she was just give her a break

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