The THG Celebrity of the Year: Justin Bieber!

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With 2010 about the conclude, it has been with much pride that THG has spent weeks unveiling its finalists for its prestigious, Fourth Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

These stars all gave us their best, their worst, their nude pics (sometimes) and their scandals (often).

Earlier this week, we had no choice but to honor the violent, woman-berating Mel Gibson at #2, and now we present the top celebrity of 2010: Justin Bieber!

We could ramble on about Bieber's good looks, his sense of humor, his musical ability, his fun-loving, humble attitude. But the numbers in 2010 sum up everything that needs to be said about why this year belonged to the Biebs:

ONE: The ranking of Bieber among all human beings that were searched for on Google.

6,480,149: His number of Twitter followers.

424,585,480: As of this posting, the number of times "Baby" had been watched on YouTube.

90: The seconds it took for him to finish a Rubix Cube on live television.

FOUR: American Music Awards earned, including Artist of the Year.

178 (Unofficial): Number of products that use Bieber's likeness, including trading cards, perfume and nail polish.

70: Interviews/concert clips in our Justin Bieber video section waiting to be watched right this very moment!

197,854 (Approximate): Number of hearts broken over the news that Justin may be dating Selena Gomez.

Countless: Squeals per second elicited by Bieber during every public appearance.

It's been an astounding year for this artist, as well as for THG in general. We are thankful to every single reader that has made our site a tiny part of your life and we hope to continue to serve your celebrity gossip needs in 2011 and beyond.

Happy new year!


happy new year justin luv you and usher god bless both of you.


This website BLOWS just for this alone. I just threw up a lil' champagne when I read it. That's alcohol abuse. Thanks a LOT, THG.


well not very suprise by the result...its expected. his a cool guy and quite a good singer. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE HERE :)!!!


@ Free Britney & Hilton Hater Here's wishing you both a Happy New Year and that your 'K' keys malfunction in 2011. :-]


Justin who???????? When are people going to wake up??? Flash in the pan so called pop star.


Justin is a sensation in today's music,like Frankie Avalon,Fabian, Pat Boone were back in the 1950's. We all remember Beatlemania and what it meant back in the 60's. Justin Bieber is not just a 16 year old singing songs, he appears to be a likable, multi-talented young man with good manners.He is cautiously riding that rocket of super stardom without it ruining who he really is.


Thank You for picking Justin!!!!! i


Justin won 4 AMAs, not 3.


@ally: If that's the case, he won't win this award when he's 25. But we're talking about 2010 alone: name a celebrity that had a better year...


What? C'mon THG! Beiber? You are pretty much better than that. He's just another teenage singer, he'll be washed up by 25 max.

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