The Bachelor Spoilers 2011: Cast, Hometown Dates, Scandals, Future Mrs. Brad Womack Revealed!

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The Bachelor's 15th season, and its second starring Brad Womack, kicked off January 3. THG has a deluge of Bachelor spoilers for you right here, right now.

Including the winner, already. Yes, the winner.

We don't relish the idea of divulging this information, but this is THG. It's what we do. You have the opportunity to exit this article right now. Still here?

Nice. So who gets engaged to Brad Womack?

Bachelor Brad 2.0

For that piece of information and everything that happens between The Bachelor season premiere and the final rose ceremony, follow the jump ...

Somehow, the great Reality Steve has unearthed all this info, and the man is never wrong. Well, almost never. Except for when he is in fact wrong.

He had the endings to this season and the last one wrong for much of the time, though he did come through to catch his own mistakes at the end.

His site always has much more information than we've posted here, but this is what's important. Here are the 20 girls who survive the premiere:

  1. Alli Travis: 24, buyer for Abercrombie & Fitch, lives in Ohio.
  2. Ashley Hebert: 25, Madawaska, Maine. A longtime ex boyfriend died right before she came on the show. Currently attending dental school.
  3. Ashley Spivey: 25, nanny from NY, gets the first impression rose, father died two years ago, which is probably going to be her story line.
  4. Britt Billmaier: 24 or 25, Seattle, WA. Stanford grad, is a chef.
  5. Chantal O’Brien: 28, Mercer Island, WA. Chantal is the daughter of Mike O’Brien, former Seattle Seahawks star. Married from 2005-2009.
  6. Emily Maynard: 24, Charlotte, N.C.. Mother of daughter Ricki, whose dad is NASCAR's Ricky Hendrick, who died while Emily was pregnant.
  7. Jackie Gordon: 27 or 28, from Rhode Island, currently lives in New York City. Works with special needs kids on Upper West Side.
  8. Keltie Colleen: Age unknown. Originally from Alberta, Canada.
  9. Kim Coon: 25, a marketing coordinator in Charlotte, N.C.
  10. Lindsay Hill: 25, Frisco, Tx. Was a 1st grade teacher.
  11. Lisa Morrisey: 24, Lives in Kansas City.
  12. Madison Garton: Age? Lives in New York City.
  13. Marissa May: 26, Works for SUN Sports/FOX Sports Florida.
  14. Meghan Merritt: 30, former marketing manager for Dolce & Gabbana.
  15. Melissa Schreiber: 31, waitress in Boca Raton, Fla. Oldest on the show.
  16. Michelle Money: 30, Salt Lake City, Utah. Works at a salon. Divorced.
  17. Raichel Goodyear: Age? Orange County, Calif., cosmetologist.
  18. Sarah Powell: Age? She’s a Realtor.
  19. Shawntel Newton 24, Chico, Calif. She’s a mortician. Works as an enbalmer and funeral director at their family owned funeral parlor.
  20. Stacey Queripel: Bartender at Splash Lounge and Burger Bar in Boston.

There will be some classic stuff in the first couple of weeks. Madison Garton, a.k.a. Fang Girl, will up and quit the show because of Emily Maynard.

Not because Emily did anything wrong, mind you, but because she feels she can't measure up to the kind of love and emotion she brings to Brad.

Public Enemy #1 will be Michelle Money, the house loon who, like Emily, is also a single mom. She had an affair with NBA star Carlos Boozer once.

She gets nixed in the episode before the hometowns, though. Whose families will Brad meet? Here are the hometown dates in order of filming:

  • Emily Maynard (Charlotte, NC).
  • Chantal O’Brien (Mercer Island, WA).
  • Shawntel Newton (Chico, CA).
  • Ashley Hebert (Madawaska, ME).

Shawntel Newton is eliminated at the rose ceremony.

The overnight dates in South Africa play out with no dramatic exits for anyone, and the eventual elimination of Ashley Hebert. Sorry Ash.

The season finale, therefore, pits Emily Maynard against Chantal O’Brien, and ultimately, Brad Womack chooses ... drum roll please ...

Chantal O'Brien Photo
Emily Maynard Picture

Emily Maynard !!! (The one on the right!!!)

Incredibly, Reality Steve had every detail nailed except the one that matters for the second straight season. He had said Chantal all along.

Until February 28 when he revealed that was incorrect. He is likely being fed false information at this point, because twice in a row? Yikes.

Anyway, Brad picks Emily Maynard. Thoughts?

Fun footnote: Chantal is the girl who bitch-slaps him the first night as she steps out of the limo who slaps Brad, as seen in the previews!

Well choreographed, ABC!

That's all for now. More details to come as they become available and as the episodes air! We'll update this page frequently all season ...

1/18/11: Yup, the first three weeks have pretty much played out as planned, with some unexpected bonuses (Michelle being psycho).

The final four women are still alive, as outlined above, and the departed girls have left the show in the exact order predicted thus far.

1/25/11: We're down to 11 with the predicted final four intact, and Michelle delivering some Money scenes as the resident lunatic.

2/1/11: Not only are the chips falling into place as planned each week, but a promo for the rest of the season backs the spoilers up.

Ashley, Chantal and Emily are basically guaranteed to be the final three, based on a clip that inexplicably aired last night. Gotta love it.

2/8/11: Once again, Alli and Jackie are toast and we are left with just Michelle and Britt to go before the final four are proven correct.

Given how unhinged Michelle is becoming before our eyes, she's not going to take rejection well when and if it happens next Monday.

2/18/11: Sayonara, Michelle. The hometown dates are set, just as we laid out for you months ago. Incredible. Looking good so far.

2/21/11: Shawntel is outta here as predicted. Game, set, match.

2/25/11: Ashley H. is rumored to be the next Bachelorette.

2/28/11: Ashley H. is eliminated from The Bachelor, setting the stage for an epic finale. Emily is rumored to be the winner, not Chantal.

3/3/11: Brad is still playing this thing close to the vest, but from all indications, he and Emily are engaged and happy. But stay tuned.

See you next week!

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I agree wholeheartedly with Tom. His remarks were brilliant and well thought out. You're a wise man, Tom. Brad and Chantal appear so naturally connected. I would be disappointed, in fact, shocked, if Brad doesn't choose Chantal. She's beautiful, smart, fun to be with and wasn't afraid to show her vulnerability when she told Brad how she felt about him. Chantal encompasses the ideal package for Brad and he would be foolish to let her go. I do wish both Chantal and Emily much happiness regardless of the outcome. Life still goes on!


run Emily run!!!!


I think Emily should win because she has been through so much that she deserves it. but i love chantal so idc


Emily is great, but has too much baggage and I doubt if she will leave Charlotte. However, if you watch very closely the subtle interaction between Brad and Chantal, there is a special attraction immediately. In group settings, Brad is sitting beside or close to Chantal. He touches her much more often, with more gentleness, and intimacy than ANY of the others. They make much more eye contact, and their facial expressions show much more animation. Having been married to the same great woman for over 35 years, we agree that the interaction right from the start is apparent. Chantal has his heart. She seems really wonderful, and hopefully she won't get her heart broken. If Brad doesn't marry her within the next 6 month, he's a total idiot. They need to start making babies fast. He's not getting any older, and time will fly by. Wish them a wonderful life.


We always enjoyed watching these shows. However, this last Bachelor and the writers need an education on the proper use of the English language, especially the use of a pronoun as a part of a prepositional phrase. Examples: "from her and I", "with her and I", "about him and I", etc. These phrases are used often, and I shudder each time I hear them. They should know that the pronoun "me" should be used rather than "I". My wife and I often hear this same problem in newcasts, talk shows, reality shows, etc. Give the English language a break!


I agree with many of the comments here, and it looks like it will be Chantel O.... Emily will be fine, this has opened up some doors for her emotionally.... so good on her. Michelle Money was interesting, thanks for the entertainment, wonder how all that went for ya when you got home?


We all know Emily is everyones favorite..but why shouldn't she be? She's smart, beautiful, down to earth, sweet & seems like a great mother! Which also makes me wonder why she even when on this show because I'm sure she could get any guy she wanted! Brad insists on moving to Austin-would Emily want to pack up her life & child to move all the way there? I read that she lives close to little Rickis grandparents..I can't see her wanting to up and move and take Ricki away from the Hendricks family! Chantel seems like the more convenient choice for Brad-she doesn't have any ties to where she lives and he would be marrying into a very wealthy self-made family! I'm happy with his final 2 choices.. Emily should definitely be the next Bachelorette & they should get guys on the show that would be more up to her standards-I think Brad is a little awkward & strange..


Brad is not a catch for a wife. He wants a playmate and he will decide the games and the rules. He is in love with his own body. He is narcissistic.


i think my best suggestion brad will be th happiest with chantell even though the slap.It was just a love touch''!


I vote for Emily, she is a mother, wife, friend and a keeper. she is adorable and i love her to death. her personality is just God sent.

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