Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal: Holding Hands!

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They've been spotted around New York and Nashville. They've supposedly eaten ice cream together and definitely been on at least one coffee date.

But Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift haven't been photographed acting like a legitimate couple... until now!

While other tabloids this week settled for misleading stories (Robsten expecting a baby? Come on.), Us Weekly trumped them all with a photo of Jake and Taylor holding hands during a walk in Brooklyn over Thanksgiving weekend. Swiftenhaal is totally on!

This romance has been Swift, but are Taylor and Jake in it for the Gyllenhaal? [Photo: INF]

“It’s definitely serious," one friend says of this pairing, while another source adds: "She loves his family and he loves hers."

Pick up the issue above for more on this exciting, burgeoning relationship.


What a boring couple... seems J would appreciate a more mature female- T is barely out of being a teen... I bet they're casually dating & it will fizzle out before it becomes a committed relationship


they make a very sweet pair


This thing totally creeps me out, and we like Taylor Swift around here!! I think she is headed for a major heartbreak at some point in the future, and it will certainly change her.....too bad this had to happen. He is so much older and more "experienced" than her. I cannot imagine what he wants with a girl so much younger than him. Kinda creepy.


ICK! The whole thing gives me the creeps. A lot of Taylor's fans are 12+. It is not normal for a 30 yo to date a 20 yo. Letting girls think it's okay to date someone 10 years older is not a good idea. There are too many young and impressionable girls out there. I like Jake as an actor but this is disappointing.


i smell a hit song this time next year


This picture does not confirm they are a couple to me. Friends maybe or just taking a walk and drinking coffee.

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