Spotted: Mel Gibson and Lucia!

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Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have traded harsh allegations and have been at war over custody of their one-year-old daughter throughout the second half of this year, but Lucia has (fortunately) been out of the spotlight.

These pictures are awfully cute, though!

TMZ spotted the actor doting over adorable Lucia outside his church in Malibu on Sunday. Say what you will about the troubled Mel, this is cute stuff:

Mel Gibson and Daughter!
Mel and Lucia
Lucia Gibson Picture

What's wrong with you people? Guy is a Scum bag hate monger who's verbally and physcially abusive. He should die a horrible death before that child is old enough to know who her father really is.


I love this picture of Mel and Lucia,I wish that Mel and Oksana can work their problems out,because of the child's sake.Mel loves his children,Pictures tell a lot,She is beautiful.


God bless you Mel and Lucia.


Is he sure she's his? She looks Asian or Hispanic. THAT would be hilarious...and quite possible since her mom's a Russian prostitute. No fool like an old fool.

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