Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber Breakfast Date: Just Pancakes!

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When is breakfast at IHOP more than just a chance to catch up over some deliciously greasy fare? When it involves two of the world's most popular pop singers.

Indeed, the Internet has been buzzing over the supposed date Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber went on late last week, as the two were seen all cute and cozy at the aforementioned establishment.

Can we officially dub these two "Jelena?" Not exactly, Gomez says.

Pre-Performance Pose

"It was just pancakes! Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed to Us Weekly, adding in an interview with MTV: "Who doesn't like pancakes? We were both performing in the same place so we went and had pancakes together. That's all it is. All innocent."

Well... that's no fun.

Selena does admit that she's close to Bieber, but not in the way many have been believing.

"I love Justin. When he first started to come over from Canada his manager contacted me and he just said that he would like to meet me and he was just such a good kid... I feel like a big sister now, 'cause I want to protect him."

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ALl. The haters out der leave justin alone cuz I'm a justin bieber fan


its funny how you people think that telling Selena to back off: #1:like you have a chance with 16 yr. old pop teen sensation... #2:that she will listen to you she dates whoever she want thats probably one of the few things fans and haterz DONT have control of...


i luv selena....just i luv u a lotzzzzz....i want uuuuuuu


I think whoever is talking shyt needs to stopp talking shyt and go get something better to do cuz justin bieber nd selena gomez both got lives nd who fckin cares if they are together cuz its none of no one elses business..... Nd if they arent together so wat and if they are then thats their business


To all of you who are with me(selena looks better with TAYLOR LAUTNER)thanks...bcz justin WEINER is GAY,HOMOSEXUAL,or whatever he is i just think he IS and sings like a girl....TAYLOR ALL THE WAY!!!!


seriously! wow
just leave them alone!
cant believe everything u read or hear
im a Selena Gomez fan.and really
stop bieng negavitve and smack talking but her


Yeah right..... "just pancakes" what ever happens girls justin has to have a life either with selena or any other girl he chooses he is entitled to that being a celeb doesnt have to deprive him of a life they are both young age doesnt mean a thing 2 years is nothing and it doesnt make Selena a cougar..


I love justin bieber and selena soo much and by the way as selena said it was just pancakes lay off. Celebrities have lifes too! I love u justin:)


no way stop it


WOW don't listen too them Selena just follow your heart

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