Scott Disick: The Best Dad Ever?

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Sorry, Bill Cosby. Move over, Brad Pitt. Eat it, Jon Gosselin.

Kris Jenner says there's a new candidate for Best Father Alive, and you won't believe who it is.

“I think Scott has definitely done a 180,” Kris tells OK! Weekly of quasi son-in-law Scott Disick. “He’s matured over the last year in the way he’s treated Kourtney. He’s the best dad.”

The Disicks

Jenner says a stint in rehab did Disick well.

“Nobody is more thrilled and impressed than I am. Scott did it on his own. He took responsibility for whatever was going on with him and just decided to get his act together. And it’s been amazing.”

Still, Scott Disick as the best dad ever?!? Do you agree with this assessment?


This guy is a fucking douchebag. He's a rich prick who thinks his shit doesn't stink and I'm sure she cheats on him. Think about it, her sisters love black cock. So, there all sitting around talking about their man's cock size, how is old Scotty going to compete with an NBA player, NFL player, and an R&B singer? Kourtney will become curious and the next thing you know, she's getting the old purple meat hammer spreadin' them walls. Hey Scott, has the old lady been feeling a little looser to you? Trust me, it's not you doing the damage. Lebron


I'm glad to hear he's doing so much better for himself & his family. However I would in NO WAY describe him as the 'best dad ever' he's probably just a regular skilled dad. No one can compare to how great of a daddy my husband is!


he needs to stop wearing those ridiculous suits


Kim Jong-un used the same words to describe his dad. Now there's some news!!!


Big deal. So says Kris. The real story here is that Kris had one more story printed.


i agree, scott did change a lot and i think people should stop saying bad things about him because that was the past. i love the kardashians and i hope it doesnt effect them when they hear this stuff... people are jealous and stupid. love u guys


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