Sarah Palin's Alaska: Renewed For Season 2?

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Is TLC already hankering for a second dose of Sarah Palin's Alaska?


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    Wow, so many ignorant & misinformed here. I hope that none of you vote...


    Yeah, let's keep spreading hate, racism, and intolerance because we are making so much money off Sarah Bin Palin. The media created the Palin phenom for one reason...$$$. 65% of the country hate Sarah Palin and know that this world would be much better off without her.


    Love Sarah, Love the show !!!!



    We need to arm the Caribou!! I'd love to see one hit and gut Sarah!!!


    I agree with the majority of lay abouts posting here! Sarah does NOT need to become the president of this used-to-be-great nation because it will soon fall under a very different mind-set. I would strongly advise that she negotiate fo-mo-moan-ay (for more money) from TLC because that too will soon fall under this same mind-set. I would fo-show (for sure) strike while the iron's hot! Learned it here!


    We don't need a reality tv 'star' to run for presedent. Ugh, what a nightmare. I'm not for the far right or left, why is it so hard for people to just want good in the world. (Almost all) republicans refuse to vote yes for picking up the DYING 9/11 first responders medical bills cause its 'wreckless spending' but will use 9/11 itself as the reason to keep funding this war killing lower middle class citizens who don't have many options in the first place. WAKE UP and do some good, your killing this country I call home.. racist ignorent greedy bastards. Does ANYONE feel the same at all?


    I love this show! I added sled dog mushing to my bucket list after watching that episode. Finally, good, clean TV that celebrates this beautiful country!


    Loved her show; learned a few things about Alaska that I did not know. Its interesting that those on the far left call her stupid. The facts be known; they are the ones most racist; and lack in the IQ department. Give us a President that will follow the will of the people, not someone with their own left wing agenda who think they know better than the people because, you see, they are real smart; runs up the national debt, and then blames it on someone else. I don't think Sara Palin would do such a thing.


    funny how she infuriates people. keep posting. u matter. a lot. hahaha


    And yet that's more than watch your flagship MSNBC (no ratings) in an entire WEEK

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