Ronni Chasen Murderer Acted Alone, Police Conclude

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The Ronni Chasen murder case is nearly closed.

Chasen, a Hollywood publicist, was gunned down on November 16, shortly after leaving a premiere party in honor of the film Burlesque.

Ronni Chasen

On December 1, ballistics tests matched the gun Harold Martin Smith used to kill himself with the one used to kill Chasin.

This evidence, combined with a neighbor who claimed Smith had bragged about murdering Chasen, led police to believe a professional hit was put on the publicist. But a subsequent investigation has authorities stating otherwise.

Det. Sgt. Mike Publicker said cops think this was a "random act of violence," a case of a "robbery gone bad."

"Interviews we've conducted lead us to believe [Smith] was in a desperate point in his life," Publicker added. "We believe he intended to rob her. We don't believe he was a paid hitman."

Beverly Hills Police Chief David Snowden repeated this sentiment in a press conference with reporters this afternoon. He said the investigation remains open, however, and is approximately 60-70 percent complete.


@USMC: You really are as ignorant as you sound if you believe this man acted alone. A black man on a damn bicycle in beverly hills...really. Yeah, he may have pulled the trigger, but i guarantee white/jewish people are behind this...back to the trailer park for you! Cracker.


I know there are always random killings. But for some reason this sounds wrong. If it is a coverup. Than an innocent man died so they could have someone to blame this on. Someone with connections just had him killed, planted the gun, and said he killed himself. This woman may have known something, and someone wanted her silenced. I believe the John Kennedy murder was the same kind of setup. Although I'd bet that the person that killed Kennedy died the same day. Buried in an unmarked grave somewhere.


This so reeks of coverup it's not even funny. This was a HIT by someone who is really connected, and their secrets--or Ms. Chasens--can't see the light of day. NOBODY is buying it, folks. The bits and pieces don't add up. Lies never do.


[cue the "I'm not racist but a black guy killed a white woman" comments] Re: USMC - Don't make this about race. It's a shameful crime where someone killed someone. If the races had been reversed, would you have felt the need to leave a message? Your comment says more about you than about the incident.