Remember Nick Carter?

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He was a Backstreet Boy. Then, a failed solo artist. Then, a reality star.

Now, Nick Carter is revisiting his musical past. The singer will release a new album in February and has unleashed the official music video for the first single off that CD, "Just One Kiss."

You can watch Cartner performing with his former group, along with New Kids on the Block, on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve special. You can also sound off now with your thoughts on this song:


we will never forget this good looking guy nick carter who is a very talented artists that makes good music.. i heard most of the songs including "just one kiss" from his new album "Im taking off" which he wrote himself and they're just amazing...he really have great passion for music..justin timberlake is okay, but i think he's just lucky to collaborate with famous artists and act in hollywood thats why he gained more fame..anyway, both of them are great and its hard to compare coz they do different things and they have different genre as solo artists... i prefer nick though i like his genre better..he might be an indie artist but he makes good music himself and he puts lots of emotions in it..while JT has to make himself appear sexy to make his songs more appealing, but less emotions


who writes these stories bsb are still going u americans are stupid


Nick Carter is a very talented artist and competent. The problem is that many people are more concerned with the rivalry created by the printed between him and Justin Timberlake, and not look at what this artist was and still is for many fans around the world who love him more than anything! Nick is great and his fans and love the BSB!


These ppl dnt have any life thats all you can post....really nick carter is an amazing singer. Bsb nsync nd nkotb are all the greatest boybands that ever existed...hes not reliving nythng he just wants to have fun nd make great new music. Like everyone else does sheesh lay off. Please if yur gonna post made up crap bout celebrities keep it real&postive nd not bullshyt. Thankyou!!!Goodbye


Wow someone seriously needs to do some research since Nick is and always will be a Backstreet Boy, and his Solo career didn't tank it was because his Label would rather back their golden child Justin Timberlake and no I'm not a bitter BSB fan I happen to enjoy both Nsync and BSB as well as Nick and Justin's solo careers. So PLEASE next time you decide to write about someone please do the fucking research cause this is just stupid.


Do you people even do any research before you write these blog posts? As the last commenter said, Nick is still very much a Backstreet Boy (who are in fact, beginning the Latin/South American part of the World Tour for their 14-month old record, This Is Us starting in February, and then embarking on a joint headlining North American tour with New Kids on the Block). There isn't any "musical past" for him to relive, because he's still living it the first time.


It's Carter not Cartner and of course I remember who he is because he's still a Backstreet Boy! Please do your research before you post you dumb bitch.

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