Presenting: The Kardashian Khristmas Kard!

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The Kardashians have a message for fans: merry Christmas!

Actually, they have a few messages for fans: merry Christmas, check out how beautiful we are, purchase the designer clothes on our backs, click around our blogs to see more photos from this shoot, increase our number of page views and make us as much money as possible.

That's just how this family rolls. Check out its really creepy holiday card below and watch behind the scenes coverage of the pictorial in this video.

Kardashian Christmas Card

why does this remind me of an Addams family portrait???


Okay, I finally get it.
This is really Madame Trudeau's Wax Figurines of The Kardashians.
After all that we have been through with this "lively" bunch, there is no way that they would send out Christmas Greetings to us without a festive atmosphere of cheers and laughter. No Way!!!


They do different themes every year i dont mind the doom and gloom look lol Khole looks Beautiful, Better dressed then the Rest. and Mason is too cute and looks like their Kardashinan Dad


why does it has to be in k all the damn time


Its all about money n glam with this family...thats why u see no Christamas spirit ! Money isnt everything in this world and it surely cannot buy you happiness !


Lame!!! They make me wanna vomit....


Must be fans of the Vampire Diaries. Looks like a shot from the show!


Are they Vampires....The reunion of Vampires .....great film to watch.....


With all their money, they can't bring in a photographer who uses proper lighting? To many shadows on the wall!!!!! The people in the photo...well, you can't do anything about them.


What's with the doom and gloom? This photo is like a reunion of The Adams Family. Make no mistake,the youngest daughters look like Morticia and Wednesday Adams. I've seen better "mug shots" on Wanted Posters.

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