PETA Lambasts Hunting, Sarah Palin's Alaska

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In a clash of the media-hungry, supremely unintelligent titans, PETA has a bone to pick with Sarah Palin after the most recent episode of her TLC reality show.

A hunting scene, hilariously prefaced by a "Viewer Discretion Advised" warning, aired Sunday on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In it, the ex-gov bagged a caribou.

Never one to let an opportunity for publicity justice pass, PETA issued a statement condemning the show and the potential White House hopeful starring in it.

PETA vs. Palin

Sarah doesn't go hunting. That implies a chance of failure. Sarah goes KILLING.

Sarah Palin seems to think that resorting to violence and blood and guts may lure people into watching her boring show,” said PETA V.P. Dan Mathews.

“But the ratings remain as dead as the poor animals she shoots.”

Ooh, that one hurts. Sort of inaccurate though, Dan. The show got 3.5 million viewers Sunday, up from 3 million the previous week. On TLC. It's a hit.

Sarah actually hasn't commented (give it an hour). But last weekend on Facebook, she wrote that “unless you’ve never worn leather shoes, sat on a leather couch or eaten a piece of meat, save your condemnation of tonight’s episode."

Here's the clip that has PETA so up in arms ...

Team Sarah or Team PETA?


Never understood how hunting is supposed to make you feel strong and independent and proud? And how hillbilly white trash take pride that they can hunt? How the he11 is an animal supposed to compete with a bullet aiming for it's neck? It's not even a fair fight. I don't understand their logic at all. But given the fact that most of these hicks don't have much of an education I guess in their own minds it makes sense.


"Never one to let an opportunity for (publicity) justice pass, PETA issued a statement condemning the show and the potential White House hopeful starring in it." WHAT A MORONIC STATEMENT. Justice and publicity go hand in hand. The only way to bring light to any issue - be it animal rights, equal gender rights, freedom of speech, etc. - is to publicize it and call media attention to it. You act like PETA has to choose between justice and publicity - but it's one in the same. Publicity is how you help bring about justice.


I was told by inside sources that the show's Producers had Cupid so druged-up it couldn't run away.


Kiki - "PeTA needs to pipe down. If they have an issue, it's with the government. Let them work on getting the laws changed and leave the law abiding citizens alone." I agree. Disagree with the laws, work to get them changed, don't hassle the people obeying the laws you disagree with.


I love animals and hate to see them die. However, I watched the show. She shot at the animal 4-5 times due to a faulty rifle (?), thereby giving the animal ample opportunity to run. But even if that hadn't happened, she eats the meat, and that makes it ok in my mind. If someone doesn't eat the meat however, I find that terribly disgusting.


After reviewing the pic carefully, it looks like she shot Cupid or Dancer. I wonder how Willow and Bristol will explain this one on Facebook. " Yea... mom killed one of Santa Claus's reindeer. So what?"


This is a bit much for PETA. I could see if she shot the caribou and just left it there; she didn't. It was cut up and almost all of if is going to be used for food. Now, Sarah Palin being who she is, I doubt that she and her family are starving and NEED to hunt wild animals, but from what I understand her family has been doing this long before she became who she is today. I like the woman as much as a combined migraine/toothache, but PETA needs to learn to pick their battles better. The only thing I didn't like was they left the skeletal remains out in the wild, but I guess you can't really do much with that as far as trying to carry the meat AND skeleton to dispose of it. Some hungry animal will polish off the remains and move on...


@reallyrogue-oh yeah, bash all hunters and stereotype them as red-necks, and YOUR the one who supposed to be open-minded? HA! hunting is legal, it helps control the population,and most hunters use ALL of the animal. i live in ohio and you would be shocked just how many deer live here and sometimes get hit by cars on accident due to the huge population. so dont worry about the animals, they will outlive us all.:-)


To reallyrogue: You said "shut up stupid, and go home" She was home, now you're the one that sounds stupid.


I think what she did was human. she did not kill the animal for sport she did it to feed her family. Thats why you are suppose to hunt not to have a trophy but to feed yourself. I support the fight against animal cruelty but i dont believe this was.

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