Paris Hilton Christmas Card: So Glamorous

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'Tis the season for somewhat revealing holiday cards.

We hate to say it, but compared to the Kardashian Khristmas Kard and other celebrity efforts, Paris Hilton's attempt to be sexy and/or glam is kinda weak.

A Trashy Shopper

The ho-tel heiress' seasonal shout-out evokes the old-time Hollywood glamour era, but it's not really clear why, or whether it's even appropriate or not.

She writes: "Warm wishes this Holiday Season. Love from Paris & Paris Hilton Entertainment." Gotta plug Paris Inc. Check it out after the jump ...

Paris and Radar would like to wish you a seductive holiday.


I love Paris. She is never boring. She titalates. All these judgmental people I am sure lead very dull lives.


Regardless of what we think about Paris, it's a beautiful dress by Alexander Berardi.


да ножки про�то �упер!!!


Now we know why her and Kim were BFF, they are both NARCISSIST and now they can't stand each other!! LMFAO the universe is not big enough for the both of them~oh the irony!!
AND that is so not HOT!! No wonder your family is embarrassed and have cut you out!!


She is a very beautiful woman...she has accomplished many things, and has a lot going for her. Check out all the products she, bags, clothing, perfume etc.


Can anyone say NARCISSIST!!! She really needs to get over herself...everyone else has!


WHO CARES......with all the money this clown has you'd think she could possibly accomplish SOMETHING that could warrant a wow! or so.....NOT.....please just simply go away Paris......I could strike a pose at my age, and create a card with a waaaaaay sexier pic that that......lamo......


She is so yesterday.

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