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Nicki Minaj is single, and seeking.

The rapper is featured in the latest issue of King (The Illest Men's Magazine Ever!) and opens up to the publication about what she's looking for in a man. To wit:

Nicki Minaj Concert Pic

"Someone who is calm, who is strong enough to not have to win every argument, who allows a woman to be her crazy self and someone with a conscience not to feel less of a man. Someone who is able to honor his woman but also bring out the freak in his woman."

Minaj also says she'd love to make the transition into acting. Her dream role? "Someone in a Tim Burton movie, where I get dressed up and painted and crazy." Nicki as the next Johnny Depp? We'd pay to see that.

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Charlie Sheen is living up to his designation as a Celebrity of the Year Finalist.

The hard-partying actor is continuing to party hard, according to sources that told Radar Online he missed out on multiple friend and family gatherings over the weekend because he had to get his drink on.

Smiling Sheen

"He skipped going to his brother Emilio's, didn't show up at Denise Richards' house and also skipped seeing his daughter Cassandra," an insider says. "It's tough to say he's back partying because he never really quit!"

Touche, random, anonymous individual who may or may not exist!

Sheen, of course, spent Christmas 2009 drinking and drugging with ex-wife Brooke Mueller before, allegedly, holding a knife to her throat. It's nice to see someone maintaining holiday traditions, isn't it?

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Earlier this month, some of the biggest stars in the universe came out for a special that paid homage to Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey and Merle Haggard and aired last night.

Among the attendees at the Kennedy Center Honors were Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and Glee star Matthew Morrison. Artists such as Gwen Stefani, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Jennifer Hudson and Steven Tyler performed renditions of various classics on stage.

We've posted a trio of videos from the event. Check them out now:

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For the 79th time this year, a Kardashian sister graces the cover of a tabloid in a story about weight loss.

Admitting that she weighs a scant 95 pounds and continuing to send the message to young girls that you absolutely must shed any excess fat ASAP, Kourtney Kardashian gives an interview to OK! Weekly in which she doles out truly revolutionary advice.

What was her post-birth weight-loss secret?
"I try to make healthier choices.”

What are her vices?
"Oreo Double Stuffs, but I’ll have two instead of eating a box of them. And I love chips! I like Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles and [Scott Disick] always buys me the mini Hostess Donettes because I’m obsessed with them.”

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Taylor Momsen recently had an enlightening realization.

"You get more insight as you get older, on everything. I kind of woke up one morning and was like, 'Oh I see what's happening, I get everything.'"

"I woke up and was like, 'I get it, I'm a product.'"

"Fame just kind of happens overnight. No one can prepare you for it. On Gossip Girl, I was just going to work, doing what I've always done."

"Then all of a sudden you're like, 'Woah!' But you get used to it. You ignore it. 'Cause whatever people say about me doesn't bother me at all."

"It doesn't matter if you're in high school or college or at work, someone's not going to like you. It's inevitable. But it doesn't mean anything."

Sage words from someone so young. Between all the pro-masturbation comments and topless concert photos, our little girl is really maturing.

For a look at some of this "product" in action, here's Taylor and her band, The Pretty Reckless, performing their hit "Make Me Wanna Die" ...

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With his soon-to-be-ex-wife speaking out at every turn, and with rumors regarding his divorce spreading, Kelsey Grammer has finally released a statement.

It explains why he's in such a rush to split from Camille Grammer and marry Kayte Walsh and it boils down to one word: LOVE.

"Kayte and I are marrying because we are engaged, and we are engaged because we are in love and see no reason to postpone our happiness any longer," the actor says.

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Joe Francis and Christina McLarty, who just got married this summer at his luxurious Mexican estate, have already split, according to reports.

"Joe Francis' wife moved out, and they might be getting a divorce," a source close to the couple said, although Francis' rep denied the story.

A source close to the situation says otherwise, though, noting that Christina McLarty "moved out of their home and into her mother's house."

Joe Francis and Christina McLarty Photo

GIRL GONE MILD: Is there trouble in paradise already?

It is not known if she has simply been staying with her mother temporarily for unknown reasons, but the split was an open secret among Francis' pals.

Francis was overheard discussing his separation with close friends at Bruce and Kris Jenner's annual Christmas eve party, according to Radar Online.

"He was talking about the details of the separation openly at the Kardashian party," a source explained. "Christina moved out after Thanksgiving."

"I'm not sure if she is still driving the S500 Mercedes he let her use or if she still has her ring, but she definitely moved out of his Bel Air home."

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Brandi Glanville, whose marriage to Eddie Cibrian imploded after he had an affair with LeAnn Rimes, is indifferent about their engagement.

"Brandi knew this was coming for a while, but after everything she's been through since finding out, she couldn't care less," says a source.

"LeAnn has gotten exactly what she wanted from the get go."

"[Brandi] never wanted Eddie back, so it didn't matter to her at all if they got engaged, broke up or whatever. Now he's LeAnn's problem."

Not exactly a congratulatory message. Hey, at least she didn't go all Carrie Underwood on his car ... again. She really did that last year.

"Now LeAnn can wonder what he's really doing on those boys-only weekend trips, who he's always texting, who's at his 'poker nights.'"

Mason, Jake and Eddie have moved in at Rimes' home. Says the source: "As long as she's good to her boys, it doesn't matter to Brandi."

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Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing begins Tuesday. He faces a felony charge of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

When it does, don't expect him to raise many objections to the prosecution's case against him. Instead, he'll just sit back and see what they've got.

As the prosecution lays out its case, Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff will be looking for holes and inconsistencies, but won't present his side. Why?

Dr. Murray Photo

OBSERVE AND REPORT: Murray will do little else.

The judge will surely order Murray to stand trial. Judges rarely dismiss cases after a preliminary hearing, so there's no point in defending him now.

Proving Murray's guilt is a serious, more complicated task, but proving he should merely stand trial in the eyes of a judge? It's all but a done deal.

Murray reportedly plans to argue that Michael Jackson killed himself with the lethal dose of Propofol, but you won't hear that next week at all.

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Octomom is staring at foreclosure like real soon. She also will not demean herself by associating with porn, no matter what lucrative offer she gets.

But Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch does not quit easily.

She's spurned his enticing ideas to pay off her debt several times before, but now it looks like Hirsch is buying Nadya Suleman's home personally.


WHEELING AND DEALING: Will Hirsch's dreams come true?

The current owner, Amer Haddadin, is moving to foreclose on the house, which would leave Nads, who owes $450,000, and her kids in the cold.

Enter Hirsch. "This would be a great opportunity to begin a relationship with Octomom," he told TMZ when asked why he would buy the property.

Basically, he's still angling for the mother of 14 to get naked on film and sees this as a means of getting leverage. He's an enterprising fella.

As of right now, she has until Friday to GTFO. No deal yet, but stay tuned.

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