Oprah on Sarah Palin Presidential Chances: Nil!

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From one influential to woman to another, Oprah Winfrey has a message for Sarah Palin: best of luck with that 2012 Presidential campaign... you'll need it!

In the latest issue of Parade, the talk show host refers to the reality star as "charming and likable." But can she foresee Palin as President of the United States? No.

"It does not scare me because I believe in the intelligence of the American public," Oprah said.

Winfrey also admits she's "succumbed" to the notion that she's a "brand," while explaining how Michael Jackson influenced her decision to branch off with her own network.

"I thought, I don't want to be Michael Jackson. This [
Vanity Fair] article specifically said that after Thriller, which sold over 100 million albums and is still the highest-selling album of all time, when he then did Bad, which sold 20 million albums, he felt like a failure. Anybody today would bow down in prayer for 20 million.

"I didn't want to be that person who's been given this great opportunity of a network and thinking, but how am I going to make it what the Oprah Show has been for 25 years? What I recognize is that it took me at least 10 solid years to build [that show]."

OWN will launch on January 1.

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Tanika kiedis

Fuckin aye, you tell her oprah, sarah palin is a shithead and needs a goooood smackin.


United people as a nation you and Sarah need to grow up. She is mean and nasty. She speaks of real America not the United States Of America.She is disrepectful to reporters. YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT. From the first night she came on the national convention. The nasty rallys and she has continue till now. I do not vote for anyone because only Gods Kingdon will bring about lasting peace, I am speaking as I see it. As I said before USE YOUR POWER OF REASON!!!!


Does not uniteD people? other peoples feeling? i am not defending Sarahs misuse of the english language, but. . . pot, meet kettle hahaha! oh and no, when Obama calls repubs enemies, that is totally meant to unite people. grow up


Sarah does not united people. She also is too mean and does not know how to ignore when people say anything about her. People who are very sensitive, like her, are not sensitive to other peoples feeling. She can gave it but cannot take it. Also she needs to know how to string sentences toghether that make sense. As for Obama running this country to the ground, how quick people forget. Bush use billions of dollars for his so call war and then spent billions more to rebuilt what he broke down. Thats why we are in this recession. What was destroy in 8 yrs cannot rebuilt in 2. Use your sense of resasoning before you write your stuff. If you have any.


The American people also correct their own mistakes after being sold a false deity. see november 2010


Oprah made her beginning praying off needy people, paying them to exploit themselves...typical liberal. She continues to pray off people who have deemed their lives worthless and have to watch her crap to "get a life". I am certain Sarah Palin could care less what Oprah has to say, and neither will any other thinking American


I would not be asking Oprah who would make a good President. Her last choice, Obama, has just about run this country into the ground. If it is a choice between Palin and Obama, I will definitely go with Palin. I dont see where Obama has the undeserved reputation for competence. He could not change a flat tire.


Palin can't even run her household...she has a daughter that calls her by her first name is 10 or so. Come on people, if you can't manage your kids, how can you even dream of running a country.


Hey look, someone wrote another article invoking Sarah Palin's name; hurry we must go there and write hateful lies about her! Obsessed much? BTW, Shayla, Palin is married to a Native American, so the racist label just doesn't hold water. WTF is wrong with you people? Why does this woman deserve all of your hatred? It is truly a mental disorder!


@ Shayla - Can't argue with you about Palin. Problem is... you just perfectly described Obama too. So, who's next?

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