Nicole Richie Declares War on Paparazzi

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Nicole Richie is going after the paparazzi.

It starts with one particular celebrity gossip media member she has beef with, but sources say it's just the start of a bigger campaign she's waging.

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KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: Nicole says the paparazzi hasn't been.

Nicole wants a permanent restraining order against Fabricio Luis Mariotto, whom she photographed stalking her 2-year-old child, Harlow, at school.

She's not scared, but Harlow is frightened beyond words, Richie says. 

Nicole told the judge how Harlow has seen Mariotto and other photogs hounding and inciting her and it's taking an emotional toll on her daughter.

Richie, who already got a temporary restraining order against Mariotto, says others too also crossed the line with Harlow and her baby son Sparrow.

Turns out she won this round, getting him to surrender and stay away from her for five years in an out-of-court settlement. Paps, you're on notice!

In other news, Nicole is rumored to be marrying Joel Madden this month.


@pax31 some elementary schools now require kids to go to preschool to learn counting, reading and writing that most of us learned in kindergarten. It's ridiculous but true. I'm not sure if California has that in effect but Minnesota does.


Randy, why is a 2 year old going to school? So the parents don't have to teach any of the basics to them. Either that or it's the trendy thing to do I guess. My kids never went to pre-school and when some people find out they are shocked. I have to laugh at them because it wasn't that hard to sit and play with them and show them what they needed to learn. I know some people work so that is different, Nicole has money she could stay home with her.


@ randyjacksonsbutt Maybe it's to get a heads-start on Kate's kids. LOL


What the hell is a two year old going to school for???


WHAT? Are you kidding me? You must not have children. I would do the same thing. You never know who is being a professional or who is just being a scary creapy guy. & if it's bothering the kids, then yes that action should be taken. These paparazzi go way to far now.


i think Nicole was not right about that.


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