New York Times on Justin Bieber Performance: FAIL!

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The New York Times is coming down hard on a couple of THG favorites.

First, the newspaper tore into the Kardashians, specifically their overpriced clothing boutique in SoHo. Now, it's given an even worse grade to Justin Bieber for his five-song set at Z100's Jingle Ball on Friday night.

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Labeling Bieber's voice as "disturbing," the article went on to say Bieber's singing sounded "grotesquely processed and seemed to be almost candidly lip-synched." It continued:

"He showed an age-appropriate nervous system as he mussed his famous hair and shot jagged, rabbity glances around the stage as he worked. Beyond that his body language felt amateur-pedantic; right now he wants to teach the world how to Dougie and how to jerk, how to moonwalk and toe-stand.

"By the third song, “Eenie Meenie,” he was singing for real, with wobbly results; in “Baby,” the show ender, he tumbled off pitch."

Ouch. Watch a couple of Bieber's performances from the concert in question HERE and HERE and then chime in: Do you agree with the newspaper's assessment?


I know what he can't be. A man.


Omg!this amazing


It's so hilarious how unerversally pathetic most Justin Bieber fans seem to be, or for that matter die hard fans of any celebrity. Does it really bother you that much that critics don't love Bieber? The guy's hugely famous despite the overwhelming amount of hatred and criticism that's been thrown his way. The critics will keep tearing into him until his quality improves, but making a huge deal about negative reviews and making excuses for the guy when he really doesn't need you to, is only going to incite people like me to insult you, and not Bieber, for it.


Its called PUBERTY !!!


I don't care if his voice changes,i'll still be his no 1 fan...If he wants to do country go ahead,i'll support...^^Love justin...


...shout up guys!!!no one is perfect except GOD!!!


Justin is getting older! His voice is changing & if you can't deal with that, then don't watch him perform. As adults you should be more mature & less ignorant about this. Justin Bieber is loved by so many people from around the world. Your little editorial about his "FAIL" performance isn't changing a thing about his lifestyle. So, grow up & leave Justin alone. He's only 16! He's not perfect... oh, yeah & neither are you. Nobody is! Justin is just living his dream & making fans happy. & apparently he can sing... he's not famous for nothing! thanks, -a Bieber fan


Talentless little prick. Fuck Bieber.


Lmao personally I hate the kid and I totally aqree with this.


nose si estar o no estar de acuerdo porque justin esta haciendo lo posible para no perder su talento que es la musica pero hay muchas personas que cometen sus errores pero lo superan y siguen adelante en lo que estan y en lo que quieren ser


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