New Miley Cyrus Pics: Scandalous or Harmless?

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Might the next Miley Cyrus scandal be upon us?

A couple weeks after a video of the singer smoking out of a bong surfaced, new Twit pics have circulated online. It's unclear when these were taken, but click on each for a larger version:

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Are these images especially lewd? No. We can even hear the Miley defenders already: all teenagers take photos such as this! What's the big deal?!? Leave her alone!

But at some point Miley has to realize she's a public figure and has to act in a more responsible manner. Is it really too much to ask for her to refrain from snapping such pictures? We get it. She's 18. She's branching out. She's maturing.

Let's just hope this urge to continually make such points doesn't result in any truly regrettable actions on Miley's part.


whoever says she's a slyt probably looks like a dwarf with their nutsack twice the size of themselves. Yes, she acts like a normal teenager, trying to pose in pictures and doing all other sorts of shit. She's hot so shut the fuck up you bunch of bent homos!


ok she is only a teen and so am i do things like this all the time big deal get over it! ppl always say stuff about her and she reads it how do u think she feels?!


I can only say that my 8 year old granddaughter can not understand how her Hanna Montana has become this. She will be another Lohan !!!


but theres a difference between miley and lady gaga. lady gaga actually has talent.


Are you NORMAL???? Today everyone is taking that kind of pictures! It's fun and it doesn't mean anything exept that they are having an awesome time after a hard work on a set/studio! She is a public person and she is dealing with that pretty good (so you are deff. not right about that she must look after her actions) But what about Lady Gaga??? she is a public person too, and look at her! In her videos are "stuff" that are not appropriate for her fans but who cares about that? You hooked on Miley cause she used to be a disney star but now is not like that anymore!! Leave her alone and let her live her life in a way she wants it!!! p.s Nobody listens to your complaints so stop writing bullshits about Miley!!!


I think Miley does this for attention because lately her fame status has dropped so low that she uses these STUPID maneuvers to get herself out there and it's crazy because little 13 year olds see this and they think it's ok well it's not because you say that to a little kid then they think it's ok and then they decided to do stupid things like this. Personally I DONT think this is harmless because it definitely isn't. This is the reason why people get raped because they act like this and things like that this is also can lead to prostitution. THIS IS DEFFINITELY NOT OK!!


@miles fanfpr;life ;D
if you are 13, and you are dressed like that, and taking pictures like that, you are disgusting. sorry. you are a child, put some clothes on. congradulations to miley for clearly encouraging the skanky behaviour of today's youth.


she's obviously at a club, i wear things like that when i go to clubs, and i'm a pre-med student, and i'm married, so i don't do it so that guys will check me out (to the person trying to rag on people just because they don't hate miley cyrus), that's what you do when you go clubbing, you wear things you don't normally wear, it's part of the fun! and i agree that it's great that she's getting out there saying it's okay to be gay, she's a big advocate for gay rights, and has always spoken openly about it.


These pic's are defintly harmless :)
I'm only 13, and i could be taking pics like that . -
and i am all straight. That doesn't mean that i'm being slutty, because i'm NOT! i don't choose to act like that because of talented Miley, i do that because i like it.
@Anna: i agree with you that it's alright to be gay or bisexual :D .


A lot of pol defend her n try to use the fact thy shed famous but she needs to stop its getting old there r ppl who look up to her maybe she has good intentions but Rhys not how it's coming across ppl look up to her young kids look up to her time for her to grow up n act her age . Regular teens don't pill up. There shirts n rake pictures idc who she was with ppl young kids r going to demonstrate her behavior..

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