NeNe Leakes Continues to Milk Marital Problems for Every Last Drop of Publicity

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NeNe Leakes wants fans to pray for her as she struggles through her marriage to Gregg.

She also wants them to keep giving her attention and sympathy as she milks the couple's relationship for every last drop of publicity.

Following an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that saw NeNe meet with a divorce lawyer because she was angry at Gregg for going off on her in a radio interview, Leakes now tells Essence she and her husband are "still together."

"We are in the same house and we are still legally married. But that's not to say we won't be unmarried," she said. "One day is good, the next day is bad."

NeNe says Gregg does not want a divorce, and she's afraid of going through with one herself:

"Gregg is my friend and he's been that for years. He's always been a great rock for me and I'm afraid that if we really break it off for good I won't have that rock."

Plus, she won't have anything to continually blog about. NeNe has already used up plastic surgery as a way to make headlines, what other reason aside from relationship drama does she have for being in the news?!?


It's time for her to sit down ...omg the way she spoke to her husband was a disgrace and please stop saying she's from atlanta she lives in Duluth what a waste ..This grown woman make the ATL look bad and all black women donot act this way. The show makes Atlanta look as if all black women are as ignorant as this one. It's time for her to back up and take a seat. Please I would rather see this show off air if this crew of women come back what a shameful display of Africian American Women


Next! The shtick has gotten old. When WXIA hired her for her "contacts," I'm like, "Come on." There are so many dynamic black women in ATL who may have the "hood" degree, but also a college degree. As a former stripper, what has she done? Other than be loud, I think the dairy farm has to pry her hands off the utters: she's milked it!


the photo looks like a plump Toni Braxton with tons of makeup!


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