Miley Cyrus was Caught Smoking What?!?

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The video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong at her birthday party last month has raised many questions among her fans and critics. Is this proper behavior? What idiotic friend filmed this act?

And what the heck if salvia?

Indeed, the substance Miley inhales on camera is an herb that is legal to possess in California. However, it has been listed as a "drug of concern" by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

Partying Singer

It looks like this friend of Miley Cyrus has already had a hit or two of salvia, doesn't it?

Here is what else the DEA has to say about salvia:

  • It's typically smoked to "evoke hallucinogenic effects."
  • These effects "include perceptions of bright lights, vivid colors and shapes, as well as body movements and body or object distortions."
  • Physical manifestations include: uncontrolled laughter, lack of coordination, dizziness, slurred speech.
  • The agency is "looking into the drug" to determine whether or not it should be considered "on par" with LSD and heroin.
  • It is not considered to be addictive.

Armed with this information, readers, you tell us: Miley Cyrus smoking salvia is...


Fuck men miley... She smoking mm what does she dad say nothing oh well she deserve to DIE anyways lol see u in hell miley smelly on pot


miley, i heard u were smoking drugs. fuck u!!


i dont get it...those this pic prove anything bout her doing drugs? cause she looks like shes just talking. anyway if shes really doing drugs,she must be under alot of stress. partly because of her parents, partly because of her haters...and many more reasons. people need to relax a bit and give her some space,she'll be back in no time


what is she doing is she crazy god pls help her she is totaly crazy this last days....i just cant beliv....what is she gonna do with her life....Miley stop doing stupid things u gonna lose ur fans....JUST PLS STOP!!!!!!


leslie you are so wrong because some people came to my school to talk about cigarettes. she told be nicotine is the reason why people get addicted to drugs. so you get your facts straight.


I never liked her she is such a bad example for all those little girls that look up to her if i was a mom i would be carefull i wouldnt want my daughter ending up like miley lol


I'm tired of trying to defend her. i give up. i dont agree with drug use.


looks like miley's new fan base is going to be druggies who love her for making them feel less guilty about getting f-ed up. congrats miley, great fans.


No one can say Billy Ray Cyrus didn't try to help his daughter.


smh , I hope the dumb bitch ruin her career fucking dumb ass whore. I HOPE SHE ENDS UP LIKE LINDSAY LOHAN AND BE IN AND OUTTA JAIL AND END UP JUSY LIKE BRITNEY on crack '' THATS MY WISH !!!! :)


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