Miley Cyrus on Set: Embarrassed, Working Hard

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While the celebrity gossip world continues to debate Miley Cyrus and her smoking of salvia - Bill O'Reilly finds it "pathetic," Dr. Drew says she needs help and Melissa Gilbert thinks Miley leaked the video herself - what is the 18-year old at the center of this controversy up to?


Miley is in New Orleans shooting So Undercover, a film that will find her infiltrating a college sorority as a FBI-hired investigator. Sources tell E! News that Cyrus received a surprising visitor on set the other day.

Anna Oliver, the friend who reportedly filmed the video above, paid her pal a visit. They got along okay, but "then Miley told her she had to go back home because she needs to focus on the movie," an insider said.

Overall, how is Cyrus coping with the controversy?

A source in Louisiana says the actress is "very committed to the movie" and is "trying to turn things around."

"She's working out in the gym for two and a half hours a day and hasn't partied at all," this insider tells E!. "She's embarrassed by what has happened. She's very regretful about what she did and about it getting out."

Tish Cyrus has also been spotted around the set with her daughter, while friends say So Undercover co-star Kelly Osbourne has been there a lot for the 18-year old.

"Kelly has been through a lot herself and is being a really good friend for her," says the source.


Hi, I just want to say, who cares! It's just a bong & smoking weed, millions do & it's the largest cash crop in America and should be legal.


This is ridiculous... GET OVER IT, the world can see how much & how hard the girl works.. I just watched her bio on the bio channel, and I think she's a pretty amazing girl who seems down to earth and still grounded throughout all of her success. So what if she smoked shit the substances that are legal are killing millions as we speak prescription drug overdose,drunk drivers, alcoholism, tobacco products mixed w/ all those chemicals.. maybe everyone should take a step back and ask WHY did they make this stuff legal...& NOT marijuana? HA is laughing bad 4 ur health. (2 much of Anything can make it a bad thing, i'm just saying.. sick of seeing good ppl get a bad rep. over petty shit)


She's just living her life as a teenager...people should just chill...i don't think she'll end up as lindsay or stuff...she'll be just fine..


This is pathetic... i get that she isnt a little kid anymore and i get ppl do stupid things but seriously this kind of a really dumb dissicion because if u know that wut ever your going to do is going to count against u then dont do stupid things like this honestley she brought this on her self and everything else that she has done...


So. Having fun, breaking a few rules and doing a little wrong every once in a while is good, even healthy for a teen. But Miley HAS to be wary of the things she decides to do. Defenders, while I think the bong thing might have just been a clueless, stressed out teenager, the lap-dance WAS NOT.
I'm glad she's trying to climb out of this rut, and hope she succeeds, but the way it's looking, it's highly doubtful. She's the most likely cantidate to be the new tabloid fronter after LiLo clears out.


well for s girl that smoked and dating older guys is not right because she is a role model for young girls its just like when britney went down yall picked on her so karma is a bitch


I think everyone hating should shut-up, and face the fact that she's grown and no longer a kid. I swear, everything this girl does is a problem. And half the things she does are harmless. Ex. The performance at the Teen Choice Awards. People blew that performance wayy out of proportion. The Miley/Demi/Selena feud, another ex. of things getting blown wayy out of proportion. Miley lap-dancing at a party, harmless and every teen does that nowdays. Her personal photos, at least she wasn't completely nude. The supposed " racist " photos, and now the current bong situation. Uh, hello people, she's approaching adult hood, and people are going to have to stop looking upon her as a child/Hannah Montana, and get a life. Miley doesn't live to please you haters! Just her fans! That is all! P.S. I'm a fan, and what?


Embarrassed, yea, right... sure she is.


Sorry typing error she was smoking kgb drug purple kush


Miley wasn't smoking salvia she was smoking kgb drug purple hush


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