Miley Cyrus on Bong Controversy: Whatever!

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The Internet might be buzzing over it, Bill O'Reilly might be spewing insults regarding it and two THG columnists might be debating the reaction to it, but there's one person unfazed by the video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong.

That person is Miley Cyrus.

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A friend tells TMZ that Miley is shooting So Undercover in New Orleans and "doesn't care" about the scandal: "She's filming her movie and getting on with her life."

In a still shot from this widely-circulated video, Miley Cyrus lights one up.

However, Cyrus may need to release some kind of statement in the near future, as reaction continues to pour in.

Former child actress Melissa Gilbert, for example, thinks Miley herself is the one who released the video, seemingly to continue proving she's no longer the innocent star of Hannah Montana.

"These days, everyone with a cellphone is a paparazzo," Gilbert told AOL News. "How high do you have to be to let a friend film you? I think she wanted to get caught."

Multiple sources confirm that Anna Oliver, a longtime friend of Miley's, was the girl behind the camera. Did she release it to the media, though? No one can say for certain.

And was it even salvia? Gilbert doesn't believe so. "I think it was marijuana," she said, throwing yet another log onto the firestorm that Miley's silly action created.


"SAVE MILEY" Wow! She looks like a pro. She probably does some form of mind altering substance (alcohol, pot, street drugs, prescription drugs, over the counter allergy medication)at least once a day, and she's only 18 years old. If she is already an addict, unless she gets pregnant and has a reason to stop using, she has a long road ahead of her. I wonder if her parents, specifically her dad, ever asked her if she "needs" to use something on a daily basis to cope with celebrity life. Since her father lived a celeb life, it would have been to her benefit for him to do something preventative rather than let her run wild from day one.


FRee your mind your soul snort DPT


Wow big suprise. I agree with Melissa Gilbert. She probley did this all herself to show the world how grown up or bad she is. She either thinks its cute or cool. Unfortunately she doesn't look grown up. She looks like a spoiled kid trying to play grown up. There's far more to being grown up than smoking pot and partying all the time. Unfortunately all her underage fans see this crap and want to do or think its ok to do the same things. Not all publicity is good publicity and if she keeps throwing this behaviour in the public's face they will eventually begin to regard her the same as Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. One bad choice, no matter the reason, can easily lead to another. It starts out being cute and can snowball into something even she won't be able to control. No one is perfect, but she needs to be careful in the choices she's making. Mature and responsible? Not by a long shot.


ayeeeeee leave her alone its just weed , chilll yall act like yall never did it


i still love her. Miley has a lot of 'followers' and 'supporters' there's a difference to being a fan and a supporter. supporters will stay with her and back her up even when all this shit happens. fans will move with the things that are important, and moving from loving her to hating her in one second. i know that not everyone has given up on her, and a lot will be waiting for her when she comes out the other side. and one of them will definately be me.


Its nothing special we all did somthing.She is I the years where that is normal.


@jerrye: please spare us with your judeo-christian crap.


Who cares???? I mean, honestly. She is having family problems, and will lash out. I don't know many people that hasn't done that...


I just think it was for publicity. And i really wasn't surprised when i saw the video. Oh well its her life.



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