Miley Cyrus on Bong Controversy: Whatever!

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The Internet might be buzzing over it, Bill O'Reilly might be spewing insults regarding it and two THG columnists might be debating the reaction to it, but there's one person unfazed by the video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong.

That person is Miley Cyrus.

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A friend tells TMZ that Miley is shooting So Undercover in New Orleans and "doesn't care" about the scandal: "She's filming her movie and getting on with her life."

In a still shot from this widely-circulated video, Miley Cyrus lights one up.

However, Cyrus may need to release some kind of statement in the near future, as reaction continues to pour in.

Former child actress Melissa Gilbert, for example, thinks Miley herself is the one who released the video, seemingly to continue proving she's no longer the innocent star of Hannah Montana.

"These days, everyone with a cellphone is a paparazzo," Gilbert told AOL News. "How high do you have to be to let a friend film you? I think she wanted to get caught."

Multiple sources confirm that Anna Oliver, a longtime friend of Miley's, was the girl behind the camera. Did she release it to the media, though? No one can say for certain.

And was it even salvia? Gilbert doesn't believe so. "I think it was marijuana," she said, throwing yet another log onto the firestorm that Miley's silly action created.


It doesn't matter, things just happen.
don't panic about what she did, as long as she happy.
always love Miley


i dont think that it's the first time she's doing that...


well some people actually care about miley but anyways hope she relizes she made a BIG mistake


for ally
mmhhh hey girl i think you feel jealous of miley cause everyone around you just hate you very much and call you bitch, huh?
and at least miley has a better life than your life


mmmhhhh i think miley has sooooo much better face than demi's. im serious! miley is sooooooo much more beautiful than demi :)


Whether she did it herself or someone recorded her with out her consent it does not goes on. The truth is no one is perfect. At some point in everyones life you will go thru some type of stage where you do drugs,you're around it, or you are offered it. Of course you're suppost to say no...obviously that was not the case here...oh well! Life goes on...believe it or not that does not make her a devil child ir some kind of alien. She is an icon and does affect a lot of people but she is a Normal Kid people...get a life....grow up. Worry about you're own kids. Prepare them...let them know what's up....


everyone hates you and that you do bong everyone hates you more and they always call you bitch


Crash and burn Miley... Ouch. Like the old saying goes: why drink and drive if you could smoke and fly?


I'm suprise and sad to see that, but well i gotta say I have seen it coming, I was waiting you know why ? Cause she can says and we can say watever we want she still just a teenager that need to know what's her limits. Disney try to make her the perfect liltle girl, the perfect model, " I want to stay pure" " I want to stay a virgin" " i will nerver, drunk, smoke ..." bla bla blah And you see the result ? We told so much to be like this, to not do this after that its normal that she get tired of beeing judge and directed, so this is sure "bad" but normal after all this is all disney's fault !


I think everyone needs to mind their damn business n get a life!!! She's 18 she can do whatever she wants! She's been sheltered her whole life at sum point she has to make her own mistakes to realize that they are MISTAKES! Everybody back in the days smoked n snorted their lives away... EVERYBODY IN HOLLYWOOD DOES IT! But do anyone believe their jus gonna cum out n say it???!!! They have so much money dey don't know what to do with it! She jus needs to learn for herself... Teens will b teens!

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