Miley Cyrus on Bong Controversy: Whatever!

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The Internet might be buzzing over it, Bill O'Reilly might be spewing insults regarding it and two THG columnists might be debating the reaction to it, but there's one person unfazed by the video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong.

That person is Miley Cyrus.

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A friend tells TMZ that Miley is shooting So Undercover in New Orleans and "doesn't care" about the scandal: "She's filming her movie and getting on with her life."

In a still shot from this widely-circulated video, Miley Cyrus lights one up.

However, Cyrus may need to release some kind of statement in the near future, as reaction continues to pour in.

Former child actress Melissa Gilbert, for example, thinks Miley herself is the one who released the video, seemingly to continue proving she's no longer the innocent star of Hannah Montana.

"These days, everyone with a cellphone is a paparazzo," Gilbert told AOL News. "How high do you have to be to let a friend film you? I think she wanted to get caught."

Multiple sources confirm that Anna Oliver, a longtime friend of Miley's, was the girl behind the camera. Did she release it to the media, though? No one can say for certain.

And was it even salvia? Gilbert doesn't believe so. "I think it was marijuana," she said, throwing yet another log onto the firestorm that Miley's silly action created.


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She can so whateve she wants... One day she'll pay for all her mistakes... Yesterday a bong, today crack, tomorow she's gone... Someone in desperate need of naivety check?:@


everyone experiences in there life most of u prob have to so give her a break she can do what ev she wants like some people said she is 18 she is a adult .


Miley sucks! She's a whore and a bad influece to her fukkin fans!! Suck a real dick baby! Fukk you miley!


If you don't like her then leave her alone. Let her smoke whatever she wants and let her do what she pleases. She is an adult now, she's 18 years old! She is of legal age to smoke salvia. If its marijuana then let her have a good time stop hovering over her life like you know her. You obviously don't so stop and leave the girl alone. Just remember that its her life and not yours. If she's doing this to rebel then let her. Your not her mother or father. Let the girl be 18 and live her damn life. At least she can say that when she dies later on that she fufilled her life and experianced what she wanted to. You people act like you have never experianced drugs before. Just stop and leave miley alone.


People get a life if u hate her then y do u even look stuff up thats about her that just prooves that u wanna b like her n if she smoked so wat its her life let her do wat ever she wants ive smoked marijuana n its awsome so just again ge
t a fkn life


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If she wants to do that she could it is not like we could tell her please Miley don't do this no we can't ugh peeps need to get in their own business


well, i can definitely say that we all knew it was coming and she was gonna resort to this some time. all she is doing is throwing her life away.

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