Miley Cyrus Bong Video: Yo, Is That Liam?!?

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At Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday party last month, the singer was spotted making out with Avan Jogia.

But the slight stir that action created is nothing compared to how some might react to the following video.

Shot by a friend, it depicts the singer taking hits off a salvia-filled bong. It should be noted that possession of this herb is legal in California, but it contains psychedelic qualities - as evidenced here by Miley's reaction to a club goer that resembles Liam Hemsworth:

Says a pal at one point to Cyrus: "You need to do more. You're not as f-cked up as you should be."

We beg to differ. Without passing judgment on Miley, it's clear she's totally lost it in this video.

In the wake of last week's (fake) nude photo scandal, December hasn't been the most PR-friendly month for this star.

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I never used to like Miley, now i do. Thats fucking HILARIOUS, dude shes 18, whatever if she does salvia, most of our parents that are our "role models" did shit when they were teens, so get over it, she was having a good time, and i think shes aloud at least that. Give her a fucking break, salvia's legal as well, so its not like she was doing coke or anything else. She was just having a good time with friends. And i think shes aloud that.


fucking whore. i hated her b4 and now i hate her even more now.. she doesnt deserve fans.. shes supposed to be a fucking role model but look at her. getting high? wow.. i bet u a million dollars shes gunna be the next lindsay lohan.


sooooooo....... yeahhhh..... you have better things todo than woory about a troubled teen.




im not sursprise of miley taylor swift is turning 21 and she said that she is not going to drink but you know what she will just watch and she will end up like miley and like brit did why do we look up to these celebs and they fuck up can someone answer that ?


i have to admit when she was talking gibberish it was fuckin hillarious hahahaah


She has to be a role model and this was a very poor judgment call on her part. With that being said, goddamn, get off her back. It's a bong... EVERYBODY smokes weed, and by everybody I mean a majority of people, of course. It happens in the real world, deal with it. The truth of the matter is she could be doing MUCH worse things (non-drug related) in comparison to weed. And people are going to talk about a breakdown? Or that sghe's smoking because of her parents divorce? Perhaps because of her parents, but I highly doubt that's the prime reason if at all. Please...


Billy Ray, you need to get a hold on this girl before the next video we see is her suckin' some ol' porch monkey's dick!


I can't believe Miley's parents just... divorce and really don't care really much about her! This must drive her crazy... Omg,,, miley please wake up!!


whoever is defending her, is stupid...she obviously isnt a good role model and i dont know if anyone knows what salvia is...but those arent the effects and even weed wont get you high instantly it takes a minute or two