Miley Cyrus Bong Video: Yo, Is That Liam?!?

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At Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday party last month, the singer was spotted making out with Avan Jogia.

But the slight stir that action created is nothing compared to how some might react to the following video.

Shot by a friend, it depicts the singer taking hits off a salvia-filled bong. It should be noted that possession of this herb is legal in California, but it contains psychedelic qualities - as evidenced here by Miley's reaction to a club goer that resembles Liam Hemsworth:

Says a pal at one point to Cyrus: "You need to do more. You're not as f-cked up as you should be."

We beg to differ. Without passing judgment on Miley, it's clear she's totally lost it in this video.

In the wake of last week's (fake) nude photo scandal, December hasn't been the most PR-friendly month for this star.


Hahah she's 18! Let her smoke a few joints, it's not hurting anyone is it? She is not going to be a 'perfect little role model' for 7 year olds her whole life is she? And i'm pretty sure she wouldn't want to be either. It's a shame she can't go out and enjoy being young because it's always broadcasted to the whole world and looked down upon. Let her be young and enjoy life for once!


Haha! Miley the-bong-smoker Cyrus, Woah, she lasted longer in hollywood that I thought she would, so lets all sit back and admire another fallen child star. Paybacks a bitch Miley.


leave miley alone shes already 18 as long as she dont get addicted to it. its okay anyways kids dont need to see this. kids dont even care about news or gossip just let them watch freaking hannah montana and keep quiet to it.


I think she was smoking SALVIA maybe with pot because that's how I became when I mixed that crap. I thought everything was a white pink and yellow circus, and my steering wheel was a ferris wheel. I didn't stop screaming like that for 10 minutes. She's funny, and she probably couldn't help it.


I'm known for sying words of support for my girl as I'm a fan for life. but Miley you need to undertand true fands will stay with you when you mess up, but if you really care about those true people you need to just slow down. Because mistakes are fine people do them. But these aren't just mistakes. Don't Forget the lord. he loves you no matter ehat, but this causes pain to him too, keep that in mind if Hurting your fans and family don't cause you to realise you are hurting yourself and you're career.


I can't believe she let herself be filmed. How did she not think this would leak???


haha. this is the gag.


omg. she's young. she wants to try new things. she is a fucking teenager. they are fucking crazy. you're all angels? REALLY? like, are you kidding? you didn't do anything wrong in your teens? are you sure? that only means you haven't lived. because people who actually LIVE, make mistakes. always. but 5868685878999 didn't judge you, did they? no (because not that many people fucking know you) get a life. and kids shouldn't even have role models... what would you do if you were in her shoes? still act like a fucking 12-year-old even though you're 18? just think about it before you start bitching around.


Bad role model? How? It's just weed you idiots. FUCKING COCKSUCKING CUNTS! LEGALIZE THE ENDO! Way to go Miley!


She's 18.
Enough said. Leave it alone, we like to have fun and fuck up as teens. Celebs, whether we like to believe it or not, are not aliens, but in fact HUMANS. I know right? Surprising.

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