Miley Cyrus Bong Video: Yo, Is That Liam?!?

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At Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday party last month, the singer was spotted making out with Avan Jogia.

But the slight stir that action created is nothing compared to how some might react to the following video.

Shot by a friend, it depicts the singer taking hits off a salvia-filled bong. It should be noted that possession of this herb is legal in California, but it contains psychedelic qualities - as evidenced here by Miley's reaction to a club goer that resembles Liam Hemsworth:

Says a pal at one point to Cyrus: "You need to do more. You're not as f-cked up as you should be."

We beg to differ. Without passing judgment on Miley, it's clear she's totally lost it in this video.

In the wake of last week's (fake) nude photo scandal, December hasn't been the most PR-friendly month for this star.


So she smoked. So what? A lot of people do, and you don't see anyone blowing up at them. So why is everyone making such a big deal about what she's doing? It's her life. Calling her mean names and disrespecting her isn't going to help anything.


Miley Cyrus 'thinks Liam Hemsworth in The One'


i m from finland and smoking under 18 is normally here, i just wonder why this so big deal. but its true that miley isn t very good model for little girl, i still like miley's person.


Before anyone starts arguing, please use proper grammar. Secondly, normally I wouldn't care if a celebrity is doing anything, shit look at Charley Sheen and I still love that fucker,, but the difference is that kids look to her and are mainly her audience, so she does have to keep up that "goody good girl" as you stated no matter what age.


Give the girl a break she's just like all the other chicks around here. I'm not a fan of her music. But after this video I am a fan of the person she's normal this isn't even a big deal. Just because she is a star she has to be perfect? I'm so glad i'm not famous and never will be what kind of life would that be. To live in the land of the free but not get to enjoy your freedom? Hypocritical people haunt this page.


ok...seriously im tired of fighting with miley haters bout this problem again but i saw a comment on her song on youtube and still came back to this incident. ok guys get over with it. its legal in california and it is prove to be not addictive,it will only blur her vision and so on. it does little harm to her body cause she only do it once and since its legal she just wanted to try it,common she just turned 18 what do you expect,her still being a goody goody girl?? heres the famous line again, shes growing up, haters too bad u cant stop it.


Watch the bitch crash and burn. She's already in the process of falling. When her sex tape is leaked that will be the crash and I just CANT WAIT until the burn. I cant wait to see what she does to burn. I dont know what could be so much more worse but she'll find a way.


I looked up to Miley as a role model. This video makes me sick. Now I feel embarased to call myself a fan.


miley is a teen going through alot right now. i have 4 kids and know yes the do experiment...what i thank is miley you are old enough to make ur own choices so u smoked saliva thats ur own bussines... I have all ways liked u from start.. maybe u need to be more PICKY with ur FRIENDS.. when you have time for ur self AND WHO IS AROUND.i can not judge you for what u done u are a teen every teen trys it. its what u learn from it. being so popular has got to be hard. just remember that theres alot that look up to 10 year old loves miley and 4 year old loves hannah and miley.


I understand she's just a young kid herself but you have people looking up to you so you should watch what you do especially if you have tons of kids idolizing you. Because she's famous it's a part of her job to watch what she does. That is part of the famous industry.

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