Mila Kunis on Miley Cyrus Bong Smoking: Totally Weed!

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Another day, another couple of reactions to the Miley Cyrus bong smoking video.

First, Saturday Night Live spoofed the singer and her most recent scandal via a new edition of that programs Miley Cyrus Show.

Elsewhere, actress Mila Kunis appeared on Lopez Tonight late last week and was asked about the singer's scandalous actions. Kunis didn't seem to care, but she did have the following opinion on the incident:

"She was smoking some weed! Come on, now; that was not no legal [substance]!"

Do you agree? Do you buy the story that Miley was actually smoking salvia?


Miley is just a kid. Kids make mistake. Back the hell off. I am 15 and I have smoked pot many times. I am a "A" student in school. She is an excellent singer, actress and role model to me. If you think otherwise fuck yah who object.


leave miley alone every teen das that u cant control that so stop talking bad about it its her mom and dad who r the ones to deal with it not people so fuck off leave miley alone


Miley Cyrus is the shit. I would definitely smoke with her. She's been my role model since her show has been out. She is just so cool and pretty. And she makes real good music. But now she will make better music.


Wow, I gave Mila Kunis too much credit, I thought she would be able to tell the difference. Only Salvia can make you instantly hysterical. The effect of Pot takes much longer than that people. So FYI, there you go.


I have smoked both in my day and I can tell you that salvia gives you a short but extreme high whereas mary jane will affect you for much longer but not so hard. Which ever one of the two she was smoking... why does it even matter? Both affect you enough to be 'bad'.


It's amazing. So many people that were not there, know exactly what was going on there. Looks like Mila Kunis is one of them. She would make a good writer for a gossip site.


people should just leave her alone, she's been through so much n well nobody has to know what happens to her of every second or every minute of the day my she's a human being let's just leave her alone n people let her live her life she's still young and well let's not be hater's,little girls look up to her she's a role model to them,n well we're fans of Miley so let her be!!!" We love u Miley".....


It was obviously marijuana. People only smoke salvia if they can't get any marijuana and I'm pretty sure she can get whatever she wants. As long as she stops at marijuana I'm cool with that. As a matter of fact, it might add some much needed creativity to her music.


i am well into my thirties and i have never tried nor ever wanted to try anything that some young people experience while growing up. I realize miley is going through some stuff with her parents divorce. But she needs to see that there are other things in life she could be doing to take her mind off whats going on personally.

Pamela landry ryan

4 us adults u have 2 rem we were that age to and we all did the same thing she is doing now.. if we didnt make thoe mistakes we wouldnt have learned from them.. im not saying what she did was right but when our kids see this stuff it is up to us to talk to them. mily will be ok shes going tru things and she is growing up she just has to make her mistakes as well

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