Mila Kunis on Miley Cyrus Bong Smoking: Totally Weed!

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Another day, another couple of reactions to the Miley Cyrus bong smoking video.

First, Saturday Night Live spoofed the singer and her most recent scandal via a new edition of that programs Miley Cyrus Show.

Elsewhere, actress Mila Kunis appeared on Lopez Tonight late last week and was asked about the singer's scandalous actions. Kunis didn't seem to care, but she did have the following opinion on the incident:

"She was smoking some weed! Come on, now; that was not no legal [substance]!"

Do you agree? Do you buy the story that Miley was actually smoking salvia?


lol i lover her . we ALLLLL know miley is a lie . &this is coming from someone who likes herrrr


Omg, people you are making a big deal 4 nutin. She is the biggest name in music right now, so she is under alot of pressure. People are just making exsusses to have her in the spotlight of pressure. She needs a break 2. I mean she just turned 18. All 18 year olds have a unordinary 18th birthday party. She is a NORMAL person 2. People got 2 remember she goes through more pressure than we do. well thats all i got to say.Keep doing what you are known for forget the people trying to make you look bad. People leave her alone she is a BIG role model for little kids remember that if you kid loves her what would u want them to think????
Lovve Youu miley


U guys r retards! Not all teenagers go out and smoke from a bong! Stop making excuses for her. Little kids look up to her I no that's a lot of stress to put on a 18 year old but she should have learned by now that everything she does people will find out about it


shut up u stupid bitch!! if u dont know anything dont say anything. u wernt even there!! so just shut the crap up. shes just trying seek attention. salvia is totally legal so just stfu. miley rocks 4ever!!


Judging by how she acted in the video, I'd say it was salvia. She got high too quick for it to be pot. She probably chose salvia over pot because she knew she couldn't get into any legal trouble for it. Either way, it was stupid of her. But a celebrity smoking salvia really isn't worse than a celebrity getting drunk. The only difference is that people tend to see drug abuse as worse than alcohol abuse.


Miley was 100% smoking salvia. Watch some videos on youtube of other people smoking salvia. I have seen people do both numerous times and she was definitely tripping on salvia. People think that just because it is legal it is not a powerful drug. Salvia can make you trip balls for a few minutes and people look the exact way Miley does. Pot is way better tho. I'd rather smoke purple nuggets any day of the week ~ please go back to smoking weed miley! salvia is bad 4 teens!


FYI Wakeup1love-she was already stoned. It's not the case that one hit got her instantly she was playing it up for the camera. You could give her apple juice, tell her it's wine, and she'd act drunk, guaranteed. of course it was weed!!!


She just needs to learn to hide it better!


live her alone!!!!!! i love u miley!!


Who cares anyway....what Miley did wasnt a mistake stop making excuses for her..if u have seen da video she said the shit was good she should do it some more..if it was a mistake would she have said all that..lets just say its a mistake she got caught or her friend sold her out..whatever Miley was smoking doesnt matter she has dissapointed a lot of people she is a disney rolemodel for crying out loud

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