Michael Jackson Estate on Discovery Channel Autopsy Special: Are You Kidding?!

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Michael Jackson's estate is incensed, albeit legally powerless to ax a documentary about the late singer's autopsy on the Discovery Channel.

The upcoming special set to run in the UK features a reenactment of MJ's autopsy. The King of Pop's fans and executors alike are irate over it.

This advertisement is a big reason why ...

Michael Jackson Documentary Ad

NOT CUTTING IT: In any language, it's bad taste.

Co-Executors John Branca and John McClain lambasted the network for "cynically attempting to dupe the public into believing this has serious medical value."

Branca and McClain can't legally stop the Jan. 13 special exploiting Michael's death, so they're mounting a press offensive in hopes of shaming Discovery.

The L.A. County Coroner is with them, too. Producers from Discovery went to Asst. Chief Coroner Ed Winter earlier this year and were told to kiss off.

"I told them no, we had no interest and it was a pending case," Winter said. "It's unprofessional. I wouldn't do it anyway out of respect for the family."

Producers did get a copy of the Coroner's report, which is public record.

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I definately won't watch, and I'm a huge fan of autopsy shows.


why is this public record?isn't anything PRIVATE!!


It's not uncommon for simulated autopsies to be performed on synthetic cadavers for educational purposes. The distinction is that those synthetic cadavers are not identified as representing a specific person. In the case of Michael Jackson, it's clear that ethical considerations were completely steamrolled in favor of exploiting for ratings an internationally beloved superstar. Oprah Winfrey's new network is about to be rolled out, isn't it? It's likely that in a bid to convince sponsors that Winfrey can deliver the eyeballs, some young turk in the Discovery advertising department thought this travesty of a program would be a good idea. What insensitive, ethically challenged clods work for Discovery? Heads should roll over this bone head decision.