Merry Christmas from The Hollywood Gossip!

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On this Christmas Day, THG would like to put aside the snark and the sarcasm for a moment and simply wish our readers a happy, safe holiday.

It's our sincere pleasure to bring you the latest news, views and gossip on a daily basis. We're appreciative of all fans and comments, even those that somehow believe Kim Kardashian possesses talent of any kind.

We'll leave you with the following celebrity take on a classic Christmas poem and hope you are having a joyous celebration with your loved ones.


Hey - thanks again for being such a diplomatic, even-keeled website. It's a joy to read - the posts are hilarious and occasionally dorky (perfect for me)and it's one of the few celebrity websites that doesn't drink the Hollywood Kool-aid. So thanks for keeping some integrity.


Merry Christmas to you all from me.


@ THG,
FREE BRITNEY, TOP BILLING TO ALL OF MY FELLOW C0-WRITERS, With seriousness, wit,humor,comments,and opinions,we answered
the call. May the special cheers, and joys of Christmas be a blessing to all!!


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