Markai Durham, 16 and Pregnant Star, Under Fire Over Abortion Special

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MTV somehow managed to upstage the antics of Teen Mom firebrand Amber Portwood this week with a controversial episode of 16 and Pregnant.

The special, entitled "No Easy Decision," chronicled the decision of Markai Durham, 19, to terminate her second pregnancy. Yes. She had an abortion.

Durham already has a daughter with her teenage boyfriend, and the couple concluded, sadly, that they simply couldn't afford to raise another child.

16 19 AND PREGNANT: Markai Durham made the decision to end her second pregnancy. Reactions to this vary widely depending on one's view of abortion.

While Entertainment Weekly called the MTV reality show a "vivid, unsparing look" at a "harrowing decision," Fox News described the special as "controversial."

The N.Y. Post reports that anti-abortion critics railed against the "one-sided portrayal" of the issue, saying "the pro-life issue will simply get tackled."

For her part, Markai Durham is standing by her decision saying, "I get sad from time to time thinking about it, but then everything happens for a reason."

A post on Durham's Facebook fan page sought to quell negativity as well:

"Let me say this again: If you DONT like Markai or her decision. UNLIKE the page, its simple. Markai feels enough pain for making her choice, she DOESNT need to be ridiculed for it. Shes been honest with you when she could have hid it."

"Have some respect or leave! Seriously there are plenty of pages "talking (expletive)" so go there. Dont waste your time, Im just going to ban you."

If nothing else, you have to credit Markai for courageously subjecting herself to the criticism she knew she'd face when this special episode aired.

Was their decision not to have a child they couldn't afford actually responsible? Why not practice safe sex? Is it all unethical? So many questions.

No matter where you stand on the pro-life issue, abortions do happen. What do you think? Did MTV tackle the subject fairly? Share your comments.


all the comments are sick and gross


Um okay, it's pretty fucked up that she's too stupid to use protection even after having one mistake. Even worse she's too selfish and would rather kill a baby than allow a family that cannot have children to adopt. Selfish, sick, sad, and sooooo gross. Killing a baby is killing a baby. But killing a baby after having a baby at 16 and not using protection is really the lowest a human being can be. Show respect? Respect yourself first NASTY!


Wow there are some ignorant people on this post. Just because it took you a long time to get pregnant after going off the depo shot doesn't mean that someone else will have the same experience. Everyone is different and different meds/hormones have different effect on different people. Markai is brave, honest, and responsible. I commend her on her accomplishments and her strong will, which I think her mother deserves some credit for as well.


its called protection or just closing your legs....dang people you just throw away life like as if it was trash imagine yourself in the baby's position i feel very sick by the whole thing....its truly awful


I think she is a very brave young lady. It takes alot to come forth or to display your life on live TV. Please give her some slack. If she would have had it and been on welfare, people would have talked about her. So I think she did the best for her no one else was in her shoes and no one else never will be . She's going through enough pain and suffering let her be.


I read a comment from someone that said she got pregnant because she missed a shot of Depo Provera.... Let me share MY experience with you.
I was on depo for over three years. I finally decided to get off of it to TRY to conceive a child (financially stable, long-term relationship, working and ready). It took OVER A YEAR AND A HALF to get pregnant. That medication does NOT just "leave your system" immediately... It actually takes a few months up to a year or more for it to be out of your system enough to get pregnant. So, she needs to come out and be honest - she did not "miss" an appointment for her depo shot. She was just lazy and irresponsible. She had to have gone well over three to six months to get pregnant. By THAT time she could have gone in for a shot - hence the laziness.




Also to clear up something. It is not just teens getting abortions. When i had mine done i was 23. I was on the pill and yes missed one. I have a 2 year old and werent ready for another.


I have also had an abortion due to the same sort of reasons. It is very hard to do. To go on TV and talk about is she is more brave then I could ever be. I know a lot of people dont agree with it, but you have to think about how hard it was for the mother to make that choice and how hard it is to live with it every day after. People make it sound like people who make that choise that there heartless, but most are not. Please if you chose to make this choise that you get as much info as you can on the people that you are going to go to. I was told that i would be put under. The drugs did not work. I was awake for the whole thig and screaming in pain and the Dr. continued. So please get info.


just remember this one thing. Abortion does not make you unpregnant, it just makes you the mother of a dead baby!!!!

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