Lisa Vanderpump on Kelsey Grammer Engagement: Seriously?!?

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Count Lisa Vanderpump among those taken aback by Kelsey Grammer's engagement to Kayte Walsh.

Sticking up for her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, who is still legally Kelsey's wife, Vanderpump Tweeted her reaction to the news this week:

Did I miss something? Don't you think you should get divorced first? Just take one step at a time... like a game of chess, that way fewer mistakes and no regrets.

Camille Grammer has speculated that Kelsey pushed for her to appear on this Bravo hit specifically to get time for himself with Walsh, a 29-year old flight attendant.

It does sound like Kelsey could use some advice. Perhaps he could channel his fictional alter ego. Anyone have the number for Frasier Crane's radio show?

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What is going on with this world!! How can a married man be engaged.....think of the children?! I don't care who you are this is very painful to all involved. Take the steps in the divorce and have respect to your family. I am going through the same pain. My husband of 25 years in now engaged to his mistress. My children and i feel very disrespected by the entire mess.


OMG! The word "Count" is being used as a verb -- not part of her name. Can you people read/comprehend English? (*eye roll*).


well camille....u need a reality check girl who pay people to have their babies just because they don't want stretchmarks! u don"t have a real job but wasting the MAN's money on house manager,4 babysitter, chef...girl is time for kelsey to get ride of u need a therapist like Kyle told on


Im so happy he left his wife i really dislike her ass. After all the shit she talked. I wish him and his new soon to be wife the best.


oh yeah and remember how she always hugs up on that man that is her so called friend yeah right i think she was also doing something in the side we just don't know the truth yet


i don't care about either of them but that biatch deserve it she always act like she was the shit on the show ..hahahhahahaha


This is for his 29 old bicth he going to do the same to you.o by the way kelsey your dog that bicth dose not love you.but she love your money. You have the body of a 60 year you are all fuck.


He is just a pig, and he's new girl is just a bimbo home wrecker, and no sham what soever


Wow! Now we know what that year long escape was about!? But I don't think that she's a scank! Clearly the others are quite jealous of her regardless of whether she's with Kelsey or not. Women can harbor an ocean of emotion. It really explains why she was dancing like that; she was releasing! Who knows better of what's going on in her household but her and the man she resides with? Therefore, she was having problems along with his constant absence. Her erotic dancing validated the fact that she's still desirable along with the hope that he would some how see the clip: GET IT! So stop hating; it proves that a person can have everything yet, NOTHING at all!
P.S Kyle, Stop looking at Camille like you want her to drop dead, face first in a plate full of Caviar!


her name is not count.